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The Aspire Cleito Coils are the biggest & baddest coils on the market. The Cleito coils feature a new design, from Aspire, to deliver a maximum airflow and flavor profile for an amazing vaping experience. The Aspire Cleito Coils are either Clapton KA1 (0.2Ω and 0.4Ω) or SS316L (0.4Ω) wire coils, both with organic cotton.

With the release of the Aspire Puxos mod and the Aspire Cleito Pro atomizer (tank), Aspire also released 2 new Cleito Pro coils; a KA1 (0.5Ω) and a Mesh coil (0.15Ω) which can produce even more vapor - These new Cleito coils are monsters!

The Aspire Cleito Coils come in many versions:

  • 0.15Ω - Mesh - VW (60 to 75W)
  • 0.2Ω - KA1- VW (55 to 70W)
  • 0.4Ω - KA1- VW (40 to 60W)
  • 0.4Ω - SS316L - VW (55-65W) & TC (450-530℉)
  • 0.5Ω - KA1- VW (60 to 80W)

Aspire Cleito Coil Features:

  • KA1 or SS316L wire
  • Sub-ohm Coils
  • Maximum airflow
  • Great vapor

Aspire Cleito Coil Package Contents:

  • 5 x Aspire Cleito Coils

VapeShop Comment:

The Aspire Cleito Coils are compatible with:


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Video Reviews (2)

Aspire Cleito Review
By Suck My Mod
Duration: 00:09:29
Published on: 1/9/2016
Aspire Cleito Sub Ohm Tank & The Classic Pop Eliquid
By Vapor Trail Channel
Duration: 00:11:34
Published on: 12/28/2015

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My go to place to purchase Aspire Cleito sub ohm coils
Great price, great product, great customer service, and fast shipping. I wouldn't go anywhere else to purchase this product. Even with shipping costs, it is much cheaper to purchase here than at a brick and mortar vape shop.
| 1/31/2019 3:46 PM
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Best flavor of all the Cleito coils to me. They are easy to wash out and reuse. Use them in the original cleito tank with the 5ml glass.
| 10/14/2018 9:50 PM
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I have tried about 3 or 4 different coils for my Cleito Pro and I decided a while back to order another tank to easily switch between flavors which ended up being the best decision of my vaping life! The new tank I had ordered came with a Mesh coil which I didn't even know existed... the flavor in these coils is beyond any of the others! I ordered a pack from here asap because I didn't want to go back to the others... I can say the runner up in my opinion is the Pro Coil which is what my husband uses because I haven't shared my mesh ones haha! Do yourself a favor a spend the extra $2 on the better ones, you won't regret it!!
| 11/23/2018 10:21 AM
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Best coil I've ever used.
This coil produces massive vapor and flavor. You can't go wrong with the .5 ohm for your cleito pro tank. Works way better than the .4 ohm. I clean the gunk off the coil daily with a q tip. Do this and she'll last u a good while. Thank you Vape Shop for the great price and fast shipping! I love this site.
| 11/11/2018 7:41 PM
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Great product/price
Run these 0.4Ω - KA1- VW coils just below 50W and they last about 4hrs (~14,400 seconds) total vaping time before replacement. Never had any coils perform as well as these. Cleito Aspire tank/iStick TC100W mod. Would give 5 stars but they tend to get leaky near end of life.
| 11/10/2018 8:53 PM
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Amazing coil
Produces nice dense vapor and flavor. Very pleased with this product, price and shipping time. Thanks Vape Shop!
| 10/29/2018 10:42 PM
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Superior Coils
I love these Aspir Cotton 0.4 coils. They deliver clean fresh taste.  Last quite a long time before having to change out. I use with my Vaporesso Revenger which I absolutely love.
Vapeshop is a very honest company to deal with. Customer Service is great & prices are much lower than other web stores for same items. I have been purchasing from Vapeshop since I started vaping 2 years ago.
Give Vapeshop and their products a try, you will be so happy you did!!!
| 6/27/2018 11:06 AM
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Great Coil
The 0.4ohm coil works the best in my Cleito, lasts the longest, good clouds and taste.
| 9/24/2018 6:01 PM
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Nice coil (when my tank isn't BROKEN!!!)
I really like this coil and the longevity it has (lasts nearly a month for a pretty constant vaper at around 30 watts or whatever) but the crappy thing is the tank breaks so easily.  After having To replace my tank more times than I can count, I finally switched to a cubis tank and haven't had any trouble since.
| 8/11/2018 3:24 PM
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Great price
These exact coils cost me $22.00 at the cape shop by my house and they are literally almost half on here. AMAZING!! Good motherfuckin job y'all.
| 6/26/2018 10:20 AM
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So far, so good
I enjoyed the Tobecco tank, and coils, I previously used. But since switching to Aspire, I have no complaints. It's not as easy to find the correct wattage before burning out the coil, as it was with Tobecco, but it is a cheaper tank, so I don't expect a lot. It's worth the money. Just get the .4 if you don't want the coil burning out fast.
| 6/1/2018 10:46 AM
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Great price!and service !
I use these coils in my Exo tank. They provide the the best flavor in TC mode at 410-420 f at around 75-80 Watts. I use a Charon mod. I’ve tried most of the newer tanks bust this still provides the best flavor setup.
| 5/29/2018 9:24 AM
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I love these Coils! If im using a tank and not an rdta, the cleito tank is the only one ill use. Best flavor and this site has the best price off all on them!
| 5/14/2018 11:20 AM
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Great coils at a great price
Wow! These coils are excellent! I have had these coils for a while now and have decided to do a review! I have used both the .2ohms and the .4ohms and seem to like the .4 better but both work great! Price is the best I have found on the Internet and definitely blows my local vapeshop out of the water as far as price goes! Oh and delivery is super fast too! I learned to not prime the coils after having my coils leaking and read up to see what could be the problem! Haven't had one leak since I haven't primed them!
| 1/19/2018 5:43 PM
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Love the prices
This coil is what works best for my vape. I’m not big into vaping where I know all the terms but this has stopped me from smoking cigarettes. I use to buy them for $5 a piece down here in Miami or more money for the pack. I’m glad I can buy this with my juice and have it priority shipped and it comes in time. Very glad I found this website
| 1/8/2018 11:33 AM
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Best coils
I have vaped for five years now and this is my favorite coil.
| 6/24/2017 1:30 PM
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Not What I Like
I'm running my Aspire tank on a Kangor Kbox Mini.  The .4 coils only lasted about 3 days then I started getting a burnt taste.  I've gone back to the .2 coils, which lasts a good month then they simply don't produce as good as they used to, but no burnt taste.  I really enjoy my Aspire tank and won't vape on anything else.
| 5/13/2017 3:32 PM
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| 4/20/2017 7:52 PM
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bellows of vape
I mostly use a Aspire Nautilus. Easier to cheat when out where might not be OK. When home I enjoy the larger intake and flavor that goes with the Cleito. Works great no problems and the coils seem to last fairly long. Good value.
| 3/7/2017 2:26 AM
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Best price for these coils
The 5 stars is more for VapeShop than the coils.  The coils I bought are good but the outstanding rating is because this is the best price I could find and it's authentic.
| 2/28/2017 5:16 PM
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