WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Steel Sleeve is the new Stainless Steel Sleeve for the famous Aspire Nautilus Mini Glassomizer. The Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Steel Sleeve will make your Nauilus Mini look absolutely amazing. The Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Steel Sleeve works the same way the Aspire Nautilus Hollowed Out Stainless Steel Sleeve.

This is the genuine Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Steel Sleeve with security/authenticity code. The Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Sleeve replaces the original Pyrex glass tube of the Nautilus Mini to create an amazing look. The Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Sleeve can be screwed on the Nautilus Mini base (with the Nautilus Coil) - this sleeve contains the air tube inside to screw the coil on and it also has a glass tube inside to preserve the pure flavor of your eLiquid.

Usage Comments:

  • Simply remove the Pyrex tank from your Nautilus Mini
  • Screw the Nautilus coil onto the base or onto the air tube of the Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Sleeve
  • Screw the Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Sleeve onto the Nautilus Mini base
  • Put the stainless steel Nautilus Mini mouth piece onto the Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Sleeve

Aspire Mini Hollowed Out Sleeve Package Contents:

  • 1 x Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Sleeve (Stainless Steel and Pyrex Glass)


VapeShop only offers genuine products. Our members are increasingly reporting seeing clones in B&M stores and a few online sites. VapeShop strongly encourages manufacturers to use security authenticity code on all their products and we also encourage everyone to check it when available.

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Beautiful and functional
I addition of making it virtually impossible to break your glass it looks great. Highly recommended.
| 7/9/2018 1:52 PM
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Very nice
Very nice,works well for me when I want to try different flavors without committing to a all day change.
| 7/2/2018 5:12 PM
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Love this Tank
I love this tank, so happy I found a place that sold the Aspire Nautilus Tank.  After having mine for almost 4 yrs I dropped it(and I have dropped it alot) and the glass broke. So happy to find another one and at a GREAT price.
| 1/17/2018 11:44 PM
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Looks beautiful, protection from shattering if I drop it, works just as good as the original
| 7/18/2017 3:32 PM
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I bought this entirely for the aesthetic appeal and I was not disappointed.  It's a gorgeous tank.  Most of all, I love that I don't have to worry about a glass bulb being accidentally smashed.  I will certainly be upgrading all of my current tanks to this model.

The cons:  not coming with the bottom of the tank (needing to cannibalize other tanks) and slight difficulty seeing fill level are minor annoyances.  Completely worth dealing with for what you're getting in return.
| 6/30/2017 12:20 AM
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Thank you!
Really like this for my Nautilus Mini ! Thank you, Vapeshop, for authentic product, competitive price, well packaged, and fast delivery!
| 2/18/2017 5:55 PM
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I got the cage for my nautilus mini, well made, great look, good price and fast shipping

| 2/22/2017 9:04 PM
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Loved it but...
Ok, I loved the hell outta this tank... up until it was time to change out coils... then I'm assuming I cross threaded the coil or something... couldn't get it to screw in and seal back up. I am waiting until I have a bad coil in my other tank set up so that I can MAYBE force with a pair of pliers a re thread using old coil. At this point I have nothing to lose.
| 2/20/2017 8:33 PM
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Beautiful and functional
I bought the Aspire hollowed steel for the Nautilus and now for the Nautilus Mini. Dump the rubber bumper ring and get one of these. Spruces up the look of the Mini with glass and chimney all one unit - just fill, install and add the drip tip. Stainless steel protects the glass from bumps and easy to clean. Love doing business with Vape Shop. Great pricing and consistent great shipping.
| 12/19/2016 3:57 AM
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Good protection
I bought this for the protection of my tank. I love the design that covers the tank. The only thing  I wish is that it came complete. The only downside is it does not come with the bottom part of the tank. I had to use the one from my other mini nautilus so now I have one incomplete set up. Oh well I still love this tank. Off to find me another bottom.
| 11/15/2016 2:49 AM
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So purdy
I wish they had more choices, but this is still a pretty sleeve
| 10/5/2016 2:58 PM
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Very Cool !!
If you don't like the "light bulb" look of the glass tank ... then this is the way to go ... Also, there is no top cap that screws on ... It's just one piece ... And, it adds a classy look to the tank.
| 9/2/2016 1:29 PM
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Perfect, looks awesome!
I purchased this and the metal t-sleeve for the nautilus mini and can't decide which I like better. The juice is more visible with the hollowed out sleeve, but I love the look of both and highly recommend this product for the price.

NOTE: This product fully replaces the original glass tank and top connection. All you need is your bottom piece with adjustable airflow and your drip tip. This does not have glass threads which is great!
| 7/19/2016 8:10 PM
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Very nice complement to the Aspire Mini. The steel surrounding the glass is beautiful and sturdy. Love the look of it also.
| 6/8/2016 1:48 PM
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cool item
Nice detail quality item
| 5/18/2016 7:22 PM
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great replacement for the mini.
it's a better replacement for the mini than the plain glass tank. the steel is solid and sturdy, you don't have to worry about glass breaking. the upper part connecting to the drip tip which is fixed which is a pro because a loose thread on that area in the original set up of a glass tank results in frequent leaking. that's not so much of an issue with this. will highly recommend!
| 5/12/2016 9:05 PM
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Absolutely Beautiful!
Best thing you could every get for you're mini. Rock solid quality.
| 4/24/2016 2:05 AM
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Love This Tank!
Great looking Tank & built to last.  I bought 1 Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed Out Steel Sleeve & liked it so much that I bought a 2nd one from WOV.  Great price & fast shipping.  I've placed many orders from WOV & have never been disappointed.  I will continue to purchase all my Vaping Hardware from World of Vape.  Outstanding company!
| 3/7/2016 4:17 PM
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Great Product
Just received this product in the mail. Fast delivery and an awesome product. No issues with leaks or anything and no more worries on dropping my tank. Plus, it's pretty!
| 3/1/2016 5:06 PM
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A must-have for anyone using the Aspire Nautilus Mini!
First of all: note that this is for the Nautilus Mini (2ml tank) ONLY! If you own the Mini tank do yourself a favor and pick up this sleeve. It'll keep your tank safe for those times (many, in my case!) when you accidentally drop it! Thanks to this sleeve I still have my first Nautilus Mini bought here almost a year ago. It's a NO BRAINER - buy it! P.S. Swapping out the original base & replacing it with this sleeve is idiot-proof and takes about a minute!
| 3/1/2016 10:38 AM
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Love the Nautilus Hollow Sleeve!
The sleeve is so nice.  The only drawback is that it's a bit difficult to see how much e-liquid is in the tank.  Love the overall look!
| 2/13/2016 9:43 PM
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Beautiful tank!
Nice replacement for the glass tank (which unfortunately broke when my tubular battery rolled off the bathroom counter). This is a beautiful tank and seems much less likely to shatter from minor accidents. Makes it a little harder to see the liquid when filling but no big deal.
| 2/9/2016 11:43 PM
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Saves money on replacement glass tanks!!
This cage works great! I've already dropped it and nothing happens!! I love it!!
| 1/27/2016 7:26 PM
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I totally loved this. It looked beautiful. Lost my device briefly and discovered it had been run over in the IKEA parking lot.

Everything on my piece was fine except this--which must be quite the testament to Aspire products.

Going to be buying a second very soon.
| 1/14/2016 1:39 AM
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Thank you so much!
I'm super clumsy and this helps cutely protect my vapor.
| 1/10/2016 11:18 PM
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Thought this was just a little ornamental piece to put over my mini nautilus,  didn't realize that it came with the glass in it. Looks great, but if I knew it came with the glass (non removable) I would have found and ordered a base to it. That's the only reason I give it four stars and not five. I had bought a back up starter kit at the same time and used the base off of that mini nautilus which is now kind of useless. Either way, If it was just the metal piece I would still only have the two mini nautilus's (my original, and the one I got with the new starter kit) and now if I can find just the base somewhere, I'll have three. Either way, looks cool, and that's what I wanted. Great price and fast delivery.
| 1/10/2016 6:26 AM
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Practical and Great Looking
Protects the (included) Pyrex glass sleeve, and improves the looks at the same time. Beautiful, high quality finish, as you would expect from Aspire.  Highly recommended.
| 1/10/2016 1:36 AM
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Is a tank .But is beautiful. Still protect the glass.
| 12/19/2015 8:45 PM
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I was scared of breaking the original glass tank on the mini and this fixes that problem perfectly.
| 12/10/2015 9:20 PM
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looks really cool, great convo starter, difficult to clean
this also has extra areas juice or oils can get stuck at the top so I actually prefer the regular glass. It also is very difficult to clean because of all the diamond surface area. Great convo piece though.
| 11/19/2015 12:49 AM
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Feels much safer now
Great add on dropped mine a few times and no damage WOV is the best
| 11/13/2015 3:45 AM
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Not just the sleeve, a replacement tank
So I thought I was just getting the sleeve for an existing Nautilus mini, but this is a whole replacement tank (but doesn't have a mouthpiece). It's very nice and I do have more than one vape pen so it won't go to waste, but just know this is a whole new tank and does not come with a mouth piece. I have an eGO One mini and an XL and this Nautilus mini tank fits on these eGO batteries, which is nice because the existing eGO tanks tend to leak.
| 11/9/2015 6:08 PM
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Great product! Great price! A+++++++++
This is an awesome tank, at a great price. You cannot beat WOV speed, efficiency, price, and customer service. I have only ever had one issue with WOV, and I think it is just a miscommunication, or something. But for every other item, even on that particular item, I am a 100% satisfied customer, and would recommend this item, as well as this website to anyone of my vaping peers.. Thank you World of Vape.
| 11/9/2015 10:21 AM
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The Aspire Nautilus for the Classy.
I don't plan on dropping my tank, but the metal weave around the glass should offer far greater protection than the stock all-glass tank. I like it because it simply looks cooler than the steampunk glass bulb original. The price at which it is offered here is also the lowest on the web.
| 11/3/2015 1:29 AM
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nice higher quality
Nicer higher quality than the simple glass one
| 10/29/2015 7:17 PM
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No brainer...
Why wouldn't someone buy one of these for their mini? It's stupid not to!!
| 10/21/2015 9:37 PM
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This is a nice looking replacement tank for the Nautilus Mini
| 10/20/2015 5:53 PM
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Stylish and Stupid Proof
I got this for my Aspire Nautilus mini because I'm the world champion of dropping, tripping, falling and otherwise messing up my own stuff. Definitely worth the $7 to keep my set-up me-proof. And it's just really cool looking. Adds a stylish and functional touch to the Nautilus Mini look. Will probably buy another because I'm still dropping this thing no matter what. Best to have a back up!
| 10/8/2015 8:40 PM
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I Love it! BUT it's not indistructable
It's cute, it's more indispensable than the standard glass tank BUT it can still get lap checked!! which happened to me. I do love it though because it looks more modern and stylish, I just now know that it's not indestructible.
| 10/3/2015 7:23 PM
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Super Cute! A must have if you have butter fingers like me
After a crash boom with my glass tank I bought the replacement glass  and this Hollowed out sleve.  Very cute, very smart looking. Price was right as always.  Thanks WOV!
| 9/29/2015 3:29 PM
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A must have for the Nautilus Mini !!!
I purchased this at the same time as my new Nautilus Mini. Highly recommended ! The Mini is great but the Pyrex tank will shatter if dropped. This replacement is extremely durable and easier to use than the Pyrex tank that comes with the Nautilus Mini. Buy it ! You'll be glad you did !
| 9/27/2015 6:00 PM
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Solid for the Accident Prone
Good looks / sturdier for the occasional drop. Diggin it.
| 9/9/2015 4:10 AM
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Serendipitous product!
The Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollowed-Out Sleeve is not only a unique visual upgrade, but an unexpected functional one as well. My previous one was the default tank that came with the Mini Nautilus atomizer and I had been having problems unscrewing it (either too tight where I needed rubber grip gloves to unscrew it; OR the top of the atomizer would screw off without the coil and I'd spend ~10-20 very frustrated minutes trying to wiggle the coil out with pliers, only to damage the threading on my coils, leading to problems screwing it back on!). I ordered this on a whim thinking to myself, "Sweet! Price is decent at $7.99 and it looks kinda Steampunk-ish!" Little did I know it would also solve the problems I was having with my stubborn coils! Now I no longer had to resign myself to weirdly carrying around a rubber glove with me in case I needed refills! So for me, it was an extremely LUCKY find and I highly recommend it! Thank you World of Vape!
| 9/5/2015 9:24 PM
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Awesome Product, Awesome Value
I ordered this simply for aesthetic reasons. It really is pretty, looks great on top of my iStick 30W. Great value and very fast shipping. World of Vape is #1!!
| 9/2/2015 8:25 PM
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Klutz Proof!
I LOVE this sleeve!  I have a bad habit of knocking over or dropping my tanks but with this stainless steel sleeve I don't have to worry about it breaking!  Plus, it's super cool looking!  My local vape store doesn't carry this, so when I found it on WoV, I ordered 3!  WoV is beyond awesome!  I know I'm getting good geniune products without having to get a second mortgage on my house!
| 8/31/2015 7:22 PM
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No more broken glass
I love this mini.  I bought it for my daughter and its absolutely perfect.  I will be purchasing the entire tank for my aunt.  Who currently smokes.  This is a great introduction tank for the beginner and for those who want something discreet.
| 8/24/2015 7:08 PM
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Great product
I have broken two glass tanks so far.  This tank seems to be more sturdy and I am very happy with the way it looks.
| 8/20/2015 9:33 AM
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Solid protection and sleek look
This replacement tank is great for protecting the glass tank within, versus the glass tank the Nautilis Mini comes with that can be broken if dropped. It also looks great with the VV battery or istick! Highly recommended!
| 7/25/2015 4:31 AM
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amazing service
Ordered on a Friday, had it in Tuesday with standard shipping. Product better than I expected!
| 7/24/2015 4:50 PM
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aspire nautilus
Was very lery about purchasing a new vape tank system after breaking my old setup and not able to find replacement parts but I'm extremely happy with the apire nautilus what a good design and the new sleeve that looks so cool at a great  price and shipping  was quick thanks will be ordering again
| 7/22/2015 7:04 PM
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