WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Aspire Tigon coils replacement coils for the Aspire Tigon, and the Aspire Tigon Kit. The Tigon coils are the first press-fit coils made by Aspire, and they come in three versions; the 0.4 Ω is best suited for a restricted DTL vape, the 0.7 Ω mesh and the 1.2 Ω is best for a MTL vaping experience.

Being made by Aspire, the Tigon coils are very well built and are high quality coils, but its best attribute remains the quality of the flavor produced.

If you are not familiar with the Aspire Tigon, please visit both our Aspire Tigon and Aspire Tigon Kit pages.

Aspire Tigon coils are for:

Aspire Tigon coils package contents:

  • 5 x Aspire Tigon coils

Aspire Tigon coils features & specifications:

  • Press-fit design for easy installation
  • Organic cotton
  • Ni80 wire
  • Coil resistance:
    • 0.4 Ω (23 - 28 W) for a restricted DTL vape
    • 0.7 Ω Mesh (20- 25 W) for a MTL vape
    • 1.2 Ω (10 - 12 W) for a MTL vape


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These were reordered coils because the original order were bad. Each of the 5 coils lasted me almost a full 24 hours! I know what you’re thinking but NO, I know how to prepare my coils & been vaping for 3+ years! So the 10 in total, ordered didn’t quite last 10 full days. I don’t know why these failed, I’ve never had THIS experience before and must’ve gotten 2 boxes of a bad batch...I ordered the regular coils this time, not mesh 😩
Guest | 10/7/2020 6:05 AM
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I have FINALLY found the perfect coil for my  vaping needs! I’ve looked all over the internet and have found these in stock! NOW, I know why they’re always sold out, they are perfect!!
Guest | 9/2/2020 9:44 AM
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So easy to change; lasts a long time
This is one of the best coils I have of any product I own. I have Aegis mods which I absolutely love as well as Vapresso pens and products. I love those, too. But I wanted the best tank for flavor so I purchased the Aspire Tigon tank. I’m super happy I did! And these coils are amazing! I highly recommend!!!
Guest | 3/21/2020 5:06 PM
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Nice deep hits
Can't go wrong with the 0.4 ohm coils. If you're looking for a deeper hit and bigger clouds, this is it. Though if you want to throttle back and have it mimic a cig, try the 1.2 ohm. These things usually last me about a week for each coil but I tend to vape quite a bit. Still, its a lot cheaper than cigs.
Guest | 8/16/2019 12:42 PM
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tigon coil
love the ease of changing this tank
Guest | 5/15/2020 6:43 AM
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Tigon coils
I have used Aspire Tigon coils for around 2 years. For the most part,they pretty good. Every once in awhile you’ll get a bad one. Mine will last anywhere from 1-2 weeks, really depends on the juice and how much you use it.
Guest | 5/8/2020 4:19 PM
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Easy to change, price is right, but good luck with longevity
There's nothing worse than having your device full of liquid and then the coil dies and you get that burnt taste. You either suffer through or waste the fluid. The Aspire Tigon has a great design where you can easily snap out the coils without any interruption. My only problem, is that I feel like I'm doing this way more often than with other vaping devices I've had. Some of the coils MIGHT last a week if I'm lucky.
Guest | 5/1/2020 6:43 AM
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Aspire Tigon Coils
I get a great hit with the ejuice I pick, great coils, thank you, 🙂
Guest | 4/29/2020 7:04 AM
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Brilliant design; lasts long enough
The Aspire Tigon features an excellent design; press-fit coils are so much more convenient and work very well. The 0.4 ohm coils last about two weeks for light-moderate vapers like myself.
Mike B | 12/16/2019 7:29 PM
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