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Sorry but due to being a slow seller this product is no longer available.

The Aspire Triton RTA Kit System is a kit that contains everything you need to to rebuild your own coils for the famous Aspire Triton. The Aspire Triton is the newer version of the acclaimed Aspire Atlantis. The Aspire Triton is the absolute best tank currently available. The Aspire Triton has all the features a demanding vaper would want and more. As always with Aspire - the Aspire Triton build quality and overall finish is excellent.

Aspire Triton RTA System Kit Content:

  • 1 x Aspire Triton RTA System (top - middle and bottom part)
  • 1 x Rubber grommet Insulator
  • 1 x Set of extra spare o-rings
  • 1 x Set of spare screws
  • 1 x Screwdriver (also used to make the coil)
  • 1 x pre-built coil
  • 1 x Organic Japanese Cotton Pad

Usage Comments:

  • Please read the user manual for usage information

VS Important Comments:

  • Only use this kit if you know how to rebuild coils. Always test your coils with an ohm meter before using them. Do not attempt to rebuild coils if you do not understand ohm's law. Faulty coils can damage electronics. Only use with devices with short circuit protection.


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RTA and Triton 2 V2
It does work with a Triton 2 V2.....with some machining. Only 4 Stars because of that.
Got this for my new Triton 2 and it *almost* worked. The base of the Triton 2 wouldn't quite seat with the RTA installed. If it wasn't for the base O-ring, it would have leaked. I was worried about using it with such a narrow safety margin, so I decided to figure out what was different between the RTA and factory coils. The diameter of the knurling on the *middle hardware* (as Aspire identifies it) is too large. I chucked the RTA in a drill and took it my bench grinder. Problem solved.

Tried both the horizontal and vertical RTA builds (check YouTube for instructions) and settled on the horizontal method. That works best for my vaping style. It's great that I can re-wick without installing a new coil. Now I can save a lot of money building my own coils.

With the YouTube instructions and some practice, I am getting consistent results with the RTA. It's not difficult, and I found that installing the wick after the coil is in place is best. It lets me re-wick and saves me from doing a complete rebuild.

Bought a second RTA kit so I have a backup coil built and on hand, just in case. For the price, it's definitely worth it.
Rachel W | 3/21/2016 4:54 PM
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Easy to build, hard to wick
The manner by which one mounts the coil is far easier to manage than the normal tiny decks which RTA's generally offer.

That being said, wicking a vertical build on this definitely requires a bit of practice to avoid leaks.  The standard horizontal build, however, is if anything easier than other RTA's I have experienced.

Be prepared to look up online tutorials before building, however, as the instructions are somewhat unclear.

WoV's price and service were excellent, as usual.
Dawn H | 11/3/2015 2:04 PM
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surprised myself
I purchased for the price and if it didn't work oh well. The instructions are poor but a quick YouTube search helped a lot. It is very easy to build don't be scared!!! The kit comes with RTA rebuildable, spare parts, a sample pre-built coil and a pack of organic cotton. You'll need to get additional gauge wire (26 gauge I recommend) and organic cotton. Taste and vapor wise pretty darn good if you build it properly. The RTA kit is a small investment but it will save you money.
Justin K | 10/24/2015 10:21 AM
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Triton RTA
Been wanting this and at the price WOV had couldn't pass it up! Works great! Will buy from WOV again!!!! Quick shipping also.
Cannon S | 10/6/2015 7:22 PM
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Easy to use
Thanks WOV for great prices and shipping. Triton RTA was easy to use with no leaking so far. Watched some videos read some threads and did my first yes I said it first build today successfully. Worked awesome. Ready for more.
Dan B | 10/3/2015 11:42 AM
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Good intro
Good setup for a beginner builder. The wire chart is handy.
Sonny S | 9/21/2015 5:33 AM
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Really fast shipping!
Joel M | 8/26/2015 6:07 PM
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Great Value
I decided to try WOV for the first time and wasn't disappointed;  items arrived quickly and as advertised.  I will shop here again no doubt.
Eugene B | 8/15/2015 3:53 PM
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