WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Aspire Triton 2 is the newer version of the acclaimed Aspire Triton. The Aspire Triton 2 is probably the absolute best tank available. The Aspire Triton 2 has all the features a demanding vaper would want and its build quality and overall finish is excellent.

The Aspire Triton 2 improves from the hugely popular Triton by making it easy to clean - the Aspire Triton 2 can now be disassembled for easy cleaning, the mouth piece is also improved by adding a thread to increase the inside vacuum and prevent leaking. The Aspire Triton 2 also retained all the great features of the Aspire Triton with a newly designed airflow control system that is even more precise, and of course it is top refillable. The Aspire Triton 2 is very versatile with coils, there are many different coils to choose from in the Aspire Triton family, as well as the Eleaf Melo EC Coils family. Moreover, Aspire just introduced a new Clapton Triton coil that increases the surface contact between the wire and the eLiquid for even more flavor. The Aspire Triton 2 also allows vapers to build their own coil with the optional Aspire Triton RTA Kit, the coils are also compatible with the previous Atlantis coils, etc... The Aspire Triton 2 has got it all folks - this tank is very exciting.

Aspire Triton 2 Replacement Coils:

Aspire Triton 2 Package Contents:

  • 1 x Triton 2 with a 0.4 Ohm Triton coil installed
  • 1 x Wide Bore Metal Mouth Piece
  • 1 x Extra Triton 2 coil at 1.8 ohm (Total 2 Triton coils)
  • 1 x Packaging Case with Security Authenticity Check Code

Triton 2 Features:

  • Diameter: 22.5 mm designed to perfectly match any Mod style battery
  • Anti leak design
  • 100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Thread Connector: 510
  • Mouth Piece: 510 mouth piece
  • Amazing Adjustable air flow control at the base
  • Uses the new Triton coils (0.3 - 0.4 and 1.8 ohm) as well as the previous Atlantis 2 coils (0.3 - 0.5 and 1.0 ohm)
  • Pyrex glass tube for a pure taste
  • Capacity: 3 ml
  • e-Liquid Refillable at the top: very easy to refill
  • Rebuildable Coil capable: with the optional Triton RTA Kit for folks with a lot of time on their hands :)

Usage Comments:

  • Please read the user manual for usage information

VS Important Comments: The Aspire Triton 2 is a really special atomizer, it is a sub ohm atomizer with coils at 0.4 & 0.5 ohm available. If you are not familiar with sub ohm atomizer please read the following:

  • To drive a sub ohm atomizer you will need a powerful sub ohm capable APV battery - NOT A REGULAR PEN STYLE BATTERY
  • We recommend using it with a powerful sub ohm battery
  • If you do not know which battery to use - please learn about batteries before using the Triton in sub ohm mode
  • Using the Aspire Triton with sub ohm coils will increase your eLiquid consumption - there is no magic folks - bigger cloud requires more eLiquid.


VapeShop only offers genuine products. Our members are increasingly reporting seeing clones in B&M stores and a few online sites. VapeShop strongly encourages manufacturers to use security authenticity code on all their products and we also encourage everyone to check it when available.

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Hands Down The Best
Have tried numerous tanks.  Triton 2 is the best by far.  Machine geared perfectly, atomizers last forever, and the only leaking I get is when I bring it on an airplane from the change of pressure.  Easy fill and a large tank (3mL) which typically lasts a day.  I use the 1.8 ohm atomizers because I like mouth to lung vaping and it works with standard batteries.  Note, you will need to get a sub-ohm battery if you go with the 0.3, 0.5, or .15 ohm atomizers.  

My first one lasted two years and I only had to buy another one because I dropped it in the sand and could never get all the sand out of the system.  Hope they never discontinue this one.  
| 8/17/2018 10:31 PM
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Great tank! Its the best tank I have ever had. I've been using this tank for years now and never had any problems. They shipping it extremely fast! Great service!
| 10/30/2018 3:24 PM
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Overall very good.  Doesn't leak which is a big plus.  Parts work well.  Some people mentioned it takes a while to get used to the top fill mechanism.  After about 5 minutes of study, it's perfectly simple.  Twist the threaded piece to uncover the fill area. When done filling, turn the piece below to line up the arrow with the vape icon.  No big deal.  Very satisfied.
| 10/9/2018 6:23 PM
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Great tank
Easy fill no mess great air flow
| 9/25/2018 5:50 PM
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Triton 2
The best tank out there. Won't be let down.
| 9/5/2018 11:34 AM
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Awesome Tank and great fast service!!!
This is by far the best too filling tank ever and I received my order quickly. Vapeshop.com rules!!!
| 8/27/2018 3:05 PM
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Great Tank
I’ve been an Atlantis faithful for many years. Figured I’d switch it up with the Triton. So far so good. Minor leaking from air ports but not as bad as my Atlantis. Tank is a bit larger. Top refill ports very convenient. Vape and flavor comparable to Atlantis. Nice design and look. Ability to utilize Atlantis Evo coils is a bonus. Commonality with other coils is an important feature to reduce cost! High recommend the Triton!!
| 8/8/2018 7:21 PM
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I have purchased many tanks, but I always come back to this one.
This is the best tank I have ever owned.  Annually, I buy 2 or more new design tanks hoping to find the new "holy grail" of a tank that just vapes better.  The problem is, while the tech gets better and the designs get bolder, there is always a downside to the new tanks that sends me back to what I consider to be "old faithful".  I wish the volume was bigger, but it is big enough. I own 5, none have EVER leaked a drop.  I wish there were atomizers with more coils, but the coils that come with these tanks always work fine.  I have a 10-coil tank, and the atomizers cost $15 each, while the atomizers for this tanks cost about $2 and change.  I guess it is hard to believe that this is the best tank to get, when you consider all the facts that makeup a tank, such as:  Cost, cost-of-atomizers, replacement parts, drop-ability, usability,  leaks, and the list goes on.  This tank seems to do everything good, but not great.  However, it does nothing poorly or even average.  EVERY aspect is a solid GOOD rating, kind of like a A- student, not an A+, but a solid A grade none-the-less.  It is super easy to clean, easy to fill, easy to swap drip-tips; it really has no weak traits.  For the price, you just can't go wrong, this tank will vape for YEARS and not let you down.
| 8/6/2018 12:42 PM
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Old faithful
I’ve tried scores of tanks drippers ect...and by a long shot the Triton V2  is overall the best most dependable unit I have.
My daughter said she wanted to quit smoking & what gear I recommend. Of course I chose a Triton with Clapton coils.
Long lasting coils no leaking great flavor easy refills basic assembly quality materials great value.
| 8/1/2018 10:32 AM
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Awesome !!
Have owned a few and love the Aspire products...They don’t leak,the coils last,are reasonably priced and are durable as hell..add in the top fill and air flow and they’re  hard to beat...the triton 2 is a vapors best friend
| 7/6/2018 11:02 PM
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Awesome Tanks
This is my fifth Triton 2 tank that I purchased. I have one thank for each of five juice flavors I use. These tanks are easy to use, clean, and fill. The coils last weeks and produce volumes of vapor. Would highly recommend for both new and experienced users.
| 6/19/2018 12:35 PM
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I love this tank!
I bought this tank as part of the Odyssey Mini Kit over a year ago. The mod did not last more then a few months, but this tank rocks! Took a little getting used to as I was using a bottom fill tank. Won't go back now.
This tank is very easy to clean, refill, and set the air mix for.
At first I was worried that the glass would not hold up. Nope - the glass last over a year and only when I managed to slam it in the car door did it break. Luckily I had a spare glass insert handy which was easy to replace.
My only grip is with the fill / vape indicator. It would be nice if the arrow was a little more pronounced. I have learned to listen for the "clicks" though - so no biggie.
| 5/30/2018 3:09 AM
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Broken O ring ,leaking
I enjoyed for only few hours...but then i noticed heavy leaking from the bottom air flow. when i opened i noticed an O ring on the top of the coil that didn't belong to the coil, it was broken. Now i can't find the O ring to fix it. 30 dollars to the trash.
| 7/1/2017 6:54 PM
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The only tank you'll ever need
This is hands down the best tank out there. Top fill is a must these days, and this baby delivers that and more. I've sued this tank on everything from a basic aspire cigalike to the NX75. Its easy to clean, has a decent capacity, and is priced perfectly for a tank of such high quality. Do yourself a favor and buy this.
| 8/22/2017 4:44 PM
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I am pleased with the quality. Shipping took longer than I anticipated but overall a great transaction.
| 7/30/2017 7:19 PM
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very well made
i really like this tank , the top fill is great.
| 6/17/2017 4:36 PM
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Aspire Triton 2
Very easy to use Size is right and does not leak.
| 6/16/2017 4:44 AM
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Triton 2 Tank
Great tank.  Top fill is so easy and convenient.
| 4/9/2017 7:43 PM
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Best tank
This is the best tank that I have purchased to date. No leaks, ease of top fill, easy to clean because the glass comes apart separately and it just gives a good vape. The taste from this tank is great also.
| 4/2/2017 1:48 AM
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Good tank for the price.
The triton is a good tank teamed with the triton Clapton coils. Great flavor and vapor production.
| 4/1/2017 8:14 PM
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