WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Full Description

Golden graham crackers, melted chocolate and marshmallows, blended with your favorite iced mocha coffee.


  • Glycerin (USP)
  • Propylene Glycol (USP)
  • VG/PG Ratio: 80/20
  • Nicotine
  • Flavors


  • All E-Liquid bottles use child-resistant safety cap
  • Product images are for illustration purposes only. Actual product packaging may vary at the sole discretion of the manufacturer
  • 60ml bottle

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This is probably obvious but just in case: We do not accept returns on E-Liquid!

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Supaaa sweet!
Never tasted chocolate before. It's in there for sure. A whole medley of flavors. Took a few fills to get used to but I like this one! Very smooth for how dark the 3mg is. Didn't kill the coils either. Amazing to the end. Keeping this one on deck for the future. Very thick vape, creamy, sweet, w a blast of nutty mocha that kinda wakes you up lol. Good job Barista! Thanks Vapeshop!
Paul S | 6/9/2020 10:50 PM
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Great taste
Guest | 6/11/2020 10:12 AM
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Great taste
Sweet & smooth
Guest | 4/27/2020 10:05 AM
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Great Vape
good price and great taste.
Guest | 4/6/2020 7:01 PM
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Mocha lovers
Definitely the juice for mocha lovers. I'm more of an espresso girl but it's more than good enough for me to give an excellent rating. The light sweetness of s'mores and smooth taste of mocha work perfectly together. Great flavor. As always, thx Vape Shop for the super fast shipping!
Tiffany E | 11/17/2019 12:35 AM
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This is my 3rd time ordering S'mores Mocha Breeze. Tastes just like an expensive cup of mocha coffee.
Highly recommend.
Sally G | 1/29/2020 4:37 AM
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Yeah tastes great
Guest | 9/18/2019 4:17 PM
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Great Flavor
This vape liquid has a great flavor.
Guest | 9/3/2019 9:55 PM
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Fantastic taste
Really great flavor 👌
And you get a travel coffee cup.

Nice big bottle for the price.
Guest | 8/2/2019 7:27 AM
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A new favorite
Decent price, quick shipping, and a nice sweet, kind of nutty taste. Definitely going order again
Brian F | 12/1/2018 12:54 PM
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