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Update January 2015:

Here are some of the latest news by brand:


Got the new Atlantis 5ml tank. The Atlantis is as popular as ever. Truly great tank and now we have many more battery options available for the Atlantis sub ohm.


Well... That is not looking too good right now. We were having big hopes for the MVP3 - but... How to say this? Yeah... We are a bit disappointed. Innokin seems to live in some kind of time warp - they think it is 2013 - their designs and overall product functionality looks old. We hope this will get better - it probably will, Innokin is a great company - they will come back stronger than ever. 

We will keep the MVP20W - this product makes sense as an affordable - very sturdy battery.


We love the 100W as a very powerful battery option. It is well design and is of excellent quality. So we are keeping this one. All our members interested in a very powerful battery love it too. One of those products that just works great... 100W will be the most powerful we will offer - so do not expect any 150W or anything crazy like that. To be perfectly honest 50W should be the most any will ever need, unless you do sub ohm at below 0.4 ohm - but hey - you probably should not do that in the first place :) ...

Eleaf (iSmoka):

The 20W was a game changer last year. And now for 2015 the 30W is even better. Everybody loves the iStick - it is the perfect combination of a great design at a very affordable price point. Eleaf will continue to make the 20W but we are considering having the 30W as the entry product. Of course we are We love the 100W as a very powerful battery option. It is well design and is of excellent quality. So we are keeping this one. All our members interested in a very powerful battery love it too. One of those product that just works great...


A quick word about Kanger - and we said it before but we are going to say it again. Kanger has yet to prove its ability to make a product and stick with it for more than a few weeks. This is very bad for the customers but also bad for the vendors. Currently the Kanger mini and mega are still good product. The new Kanger sub ohm was ugly as hell - there is no way we will sell a tank that ugly. The recent Kanger sub ohm mini seems to fix many issues from the original sub ohm. So we are watching that one. But we expect Kanger to once more pull the carpet underneath its customers and tell everyone again they did it wrong and now comes the newer model :) ... in a couple of weeks.


We like the Cloupor Mini 30W very much. But Cloupor had a few issues with its first batch that has led to some battery malfunctions. They told us they fixed it already and we are waiting for the new batch that have all issues corrected. 

So stay tuned on that one, WOV will get the new and improved Cloupor mini 30W as soon as it is available. 


The eVo eLiquid brand is definitely growing... Good quality eJuice overall.


Update December 2014:

Here are some of the latest news by brand:


Of course the big news here is the release of the Atlantis. We have the Atlantis tank, the coils and the CF Mod at the moment. The CF Sub Ohm should come very soon.


We are finding ourselves discontinuing more and more Innokin products. The latest on the chopping block is the MVP and the VTR. Yes you read it well, the MVP is now gone at WOV. We advise all our customers to buy instead the Eleaf iStick 20W - which is a better product offering more value than the MVP.

At this rhythm we are not sure how much longer we will continue to carry Innokin products... 


We are in looking into new Sigelei products. No announcement yet...


The eVo eLiquid brand is becoming more and more popular - we are very happy with our member's response to this excellent brand of eLiquid and are glad to contribute in making it ever more popular every day.


Update September 2014:

Lot more inventory now at WORLDofVAPE. 

Here are some of the latest news by brand:


We have significantly increased the amount of Nautilus and Nautilus Mini in stock. We offer a free pack of 2 Nautilus BVC Coils for every Nautilus purchase (while supply last).

We now carry all Aspire CE5, CE5-S, ET & ET-S in BVC in 7 different colors. Of course we also have tons of new Aspire BVC Coils for the CE5, CE5-S, ET & ET-S.

Staying with Aspire - we have tons of the new Aspire variable voltage batteries, the Aspire Carbon Fiber (CF) VV batteries quality is just wonderful, what an improvement over the older eGo style batteries. We love them and our customers too.

And now a quick word on what is probably the best deal at the moment with Aspire. We have the truly amazing value Aspire Premium Starter Kit, if you do not know about it yet, please check it out. The amount of goodies packed in this starter kit makes it by far the best starter kit we have ever seen!


On the Innokin side - since WOV is all about only carrying the best vaping gear - we got rid of the SVD as well as the 134 and 134 mini. We just do not think these devices make sense anymore. On the other hand, the forever popular, solid and large capacity MVP 2 is still selling very well - what an amazing battery!  

We just added the iTaste VV battery. We think this device makes a lot of sense nowadays. A nice looking - simple and efficient battery. Perfect with an Aspire eGo style atomizer.


A new version of the Sigelei 30W with improved center pin and a few other minor improvements is on its way to the WORLDofVAPE.

Sigelei unfortunately stop making the 20W, we still think the 20W is a great device, but Sigelei wants to focus on the 30W. Fair enough I suppose...


We should receive the new iSmoka iStick 20W very soon. We are super excited about this device - our testing was fantastic and we think our members will absolutely love it.


Almost forgot about Kanger :) , As you know, Kanger had another small design change with their upgraded dual coils, as a result we were out of them for a couple of weeks while we were testing this new design. Since we do not want to offer products we do not like, we had to give this new design a good run. The new design is about the holes on the coil - they have 4 small holes instead of 2 larger ones and they pass the test nicely - so we have them back in stock.

The Kanger Aerotank Mega is just fabulous, we think it is the only tank out there that can challenge the nautilus and not come out ridiculous :)

The Kanger Aerotank Mini is also very good. Although in a much smaller size than its big brother. We are out of stock on them but will have more soon.


Our members might have noticed that we do not carry Anyvape anymore. In the spirit of full transparency with our community - here is why... Over the last few months we started to discover some issues with the quality of their products. These issues were becoming more and more frequent to the point where we simply had to stop carrying the brand. We still love the people there and would be happy to work with them again if they manage to improve the quality of their products.

EVO eLiquid:

We love the whole collection of EVO eLiquid. Our members love it too. We have seen a significant increase in demand which led to low stock. We decided to secure a lot more of this delicious juice to make sure our members can have access to them easily.

We are still trying different brands of eLiquid, and we have found a couple that look promising, but we are quite picky when it comes to juice quality. We are specially very careful with the quality of the eLiquid manufacturing process. Which is why Nicopure was such a no brainer.

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