Is Fasttech all fake?

I had an interesting conversation this morning with a rep from Smoktech.

It started up about Smoktech wanting WOV to sell their products and ended up about fasttech (FT).

I thought I would share a small redacted part of that conversation with all of you, as it is quite enlightening and could be useful to you...

Here is the redacted version of that conversation:

ST: Hello there, this is xxx from Smoktech, we have great products and would like you to cooperate with us...

WOV: Do you have any product on FT? We will not help you sell your products if you sell them direct from China through FT which is subsidized by the Chinese government.

ST: There are many of our products on FT, but they are all fake and their quality is very bad.

WOV: Really? You should sue these guys they are hurting your brand a lot and most folks think they are buying the real deal.

ST: FT copies products from many other suppliers but all are fake. We are taking some steps against FT and will continue to.

WOV: So long as FT continues to copy your products, I cannot work with you because customers believe this products are real. I'll be happy to revisit this once you have that issue resolved.

Now here is the deal, I have no idea if the ST guy is telling me the truth or not. But I thought it would be good to share the highlights with you so that you are aware of what seems to be going on with FT. 

I know that some of our customers buy from FT sometimes, I understand their need for saving money and since WOV does not sell the same goods... But I would not want them to end up disappointed and be taken advantage off by unscrupulous business cowboys from oversees...

I have personally never bought anything from FT, and up till now I though they had a few real products. At this point, I am not quite sure what to think. I always heard FT had clones, but I thought they might also have a few original ones as well.

So anyhow, buyer beware. I don't know if the ST guy was telling us the truth or not. But it is possible FT is pulling a FastOne (pun intended ;) ) on you... 

Shop responsibly and keep on vaping...

I hope this small post will help some of you.


Quick Addendum: 02/23/2014

Here is part two of this interesting topic. This post made quite a bit of noise and I ended up having a follow up conversation with Smoktech on this topic. And this time with ST upper management. 

So here is the deal - everything on Fasttech branded as a Smoktech product is a fake. 100% of the time. I argue with ST for a while on this topic - over an hour - I sent them very specific link from FT and they assured me - absolutely 100% - that this products are all fake. I am talking about ST goods only here and not for other brands.

Here is one of the link of the Smoktech Magneto we discussed with ST management:

Yes - the one that starts by saying the word: "Authentic" - the other Smoktech product I have seen on FT are more obviously fake. But that one I was sure was a real item. Well... apparently I was wrong...

I am sure there will be folks to tell me this is a real product - just as I believe it was. Gosh, I was sure it was.

Men - these guys at FT are just a bunch of business cowboys...

Update 02/28/2014: 

Too funny - we were looking at procuring some great Efest batteries for our customers and we saw this on the front page of their site. The English is very poor - but you can easily understand what they are trying to say.

It is just funny how they only singled out FT. There has to be others selling fake out there. But no - they only have a go at FT.

Actually - since we are talking about batteries here - this is not funny at all - and in fact it is probably extremely dangerous. To everyone out there, please be very careful with your batteries - if the price is too low to be true - it is probably fake.


The VapeShop Team

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