VapeShop News - March 2016

A few updates about

Name change to

As you already know we moved to our new address at

Changing a web address is always a difficult move and a risky one as well. We loved but we had to change our name. We were not sure if we were ever going to discuss the reasons for the move publicly - but at the end we felt our members deserved to know. So here it is:

Another company claimed that our name was somewhat similar to their's - of course we disagreed. 

At first we were shocked by this issue. We could not believe it.

We then had to contact some lawyers and looked at our options. Apparently we had a great case and probably would have prevailed.

But we quickly realized a couple of things: 

  • The legal dispute would have taken a long time to be resolved
  • The cost for the legal fees was going to be very overwhelming

We thought about it long and hard, and ultimately decided to change our name. We simply became another victim of corporate legal bullying. The threat of the legal fees, on top of all the stress this was causing us, was too much for us to bear. We are just a bunch of nice people from Colorado, it is not in our nature to become mean and angry corporate folks - not healthy - not worse it. 

So here were are - we are now

As mentioned above - a name change is very risky - and we are bound to loose some significant internet traffic because of it. So if you do any kind of social media or online posting - it would be very helpful and greatly appreciated if you could post some links about our new address.

We sincerely thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


What does the new name means to our members?

The quality of the service and of the products you have always received from us will not change - in fact we have already taken some major steps to make it even better:

  • We have moved into a newer and bigger office space to better serve you - you can see more on this on our new facebook page with more info and pictures to come  
  • We have added some exciting new products and will continue to select only the very best the industry has to offer
  • We have changed our return policy to be the best in the industry with a 2 months return period for all APVs, Mods, Batteries device
  • We have increased our members discount for eJuices
  • etc...

Moving forward  - we are also looking at:

  • Expending to Europe to better serve the global vaping community 
  • A new platform to further improve our online services to our members
  • More to come on this - stay tuned...

We hope this quick update is somewhat useful and interesting to you,

The VapeShop Team

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