WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


VapeShop selection of disposable vaporizers are 100% made in the USA, and are of the highest quality from the most reputable brands like Vice, Twist, Cali Bar, Stig, Plus Bar, etc... Each brand offers a wide selection of flavors to satisfy everyone.

Disposable vaporizers are pre-filled pod-style vaporizers, and come with 1 to 2 ml of high concentration nicotine salt eLiquid ranging from 25 to 60 mg/ml: each device is roughly equivalent to a pack of cigarette.

Disposables are the most convenient vaporizers, they come ready to vape and can be safely disposed once used. Disposable vaporizers are non rechargeable and non refillable, if you would prefer to use rechargeable and refillable vaporizers please check our wide selection of pod style vaporizers instead.

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Switch Mods Berry Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Berry

Switch Mods Blue Razz Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Blue Razz

Switch Mods Cucumber Lime Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Cucumber Lime

Switch Mods Grape Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Grape

Switch Mods Grapefruit Guava Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Grapefruit Guava

Switch Mods Green Apple Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Green Apple

Switch Mods Mango Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Mango

	Switch Mods Melons Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Melons

	Switch Mods Peach Ice Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Peach Ice

	Switch Mods Pink Lemonade Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Pink Lemonade

	Switch Mods POG Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods POG

	Switch Mods Strawberry Banana Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Strawberry Banana

	Switch Mods Strawberry Lemonade Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Strawberry Lemonade

Switch Mods Watermelon Ice Single
$9.99 $5.25

Switch Mods Watermelon Ice

Cali Bars Mango Nectar Ice Single
$9.99 $5.25

Cali Bars Mango Nectar Ice

Cali Bars Strawberry Single
$9.99 $5.25

Cali Bars Strawberry

Cali Bars Lychee Ice Single
$9.99 $5.25

Cali Bars Lychee Ice

	Cali Bars Blue Razz Ice Single
$9.99 $5.25

Cali Bars Blue Razz Ice

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