WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Eleaf iStick 40W TC is the latest iStick from Eleaf - it is replacing the older iStick 30W. The Eleaf iStick 40W TC is not only an improvement over the iStick 30W in terms of build quality and, of course, adding an extra 10W of power, but it also provides the ability to use Temperature Control coils as an option.

The Eleaf iStick 40W TC has two modes of operation:

  • Regular variable wattage mode to use with regular Kanthal coils (same as previous iStick but capable of delivering up to 40W)
  • Temperature Control mode to use with special Ni Temperature Control coils

The Eleaf iStick 40W TC is the first Temperature Control (Variable Temperature - VT) mod from Eleaf. The Eleaf iStick 40W TC is the latest iStick version from Eleaf - the latest version of the hugely popular iStick series. The Eleaf iStick 40W TC is both a VW (Variable Wattage) and a VT (Variable Temperature) device. The Eleaf iStick 40W TC - as its name implies - can power a coil up to 40W. In Temperature Control (TC) mode - the Eleaf iStick 40W TC is compatible with Nickel coil, and in Variable Wattage (VW) mode the Eleaf iStick 40W TC can use any standard Kanthal coil. The Eleaf iStick 40W TC also comes with a battery capacity of 2600mAh. The Eleaf iStick 40W TC design is similar to the previous iStick 30W version with some improvements, such as, better quality power button - a repositioned 510 connector to perfectly fit any 22mm tank, etc...

The Eleaf iStick 40W TC comes in 4 colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Grey

Eleaf iStick 40W TC Express Kit Package Contents:

  • 1 x iStick 40W TC
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable (No Wall Adapter included)
  • 1 x eGo thread adapter
  • 1 x User Manual

Temperature Control is the latest trend in the vaping community, it provides the ability to vape at different temperature to achieve the best possible vape. Temperature Control devices are also very helpful to prevent coil burning which is important with nowadays cotton coils.

VS Comments:

At VS we select only the best devices in each category. Our temperature control devices must not only provide the ability to vape at different temperatures, but they must also be easy to use, the first generation of temp. control devices either did not work well and/or were difficult to use. We tested many of them, and had to reject them all, we hoped the technology would improve. We simply could not recommend to our members any of the first generation temp. control devices. Well... our patience paid off, the new Eleaf iStick 40W TC is easy to set up and enjoy. The Eleaf iStick 40W TC is for sure the most economical way to enter the temperature control world of vaping.

Eleaf iStick 40W TC Features:

  • Size: 36.2mm x 22.3mm x 77.3mm or 3-1/16"L x 1-3/8"W x 7/8"D
  • Passthrough: The battery can be recharged while vaping
  • Ultra Large Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
  • Operating Wattage: From 1W to 40W
  • Output Voltage: 0.5V-8.0V
  • Connector Thread: 510 stainless steel thread and spring loaded connector for best connection
  • Output Mode: TC-Ni / VW Mode
  • Temperature Range: 100-315℃ / 200-600℉ (TC mode)
  • VT Resistance Range: 0.05-1ohm (TC mode)
  • VW Resistance Range: 0.15 - 3.5ohm (VW mode)


VapeShop only offers genuine products. Our members are increasingly reporting seeing clones in B&M stores and a few online sites. VapeShop strongly encourages manufacturers to use security authenticity code on all their products and we also encourage everyone to check it when available.

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Eleaf iStick TC 40W temperature control Review On TVC
By The Vapor Chronicles
Duration: 00:25:49
Published on: 6/29/2015

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Eleaf iStick
Bought one to upgrade from a junky aspire pockex. Very please with my purchase. My sister in law recommended this battery with the nautilus mini tank and it works amazingly well. Lasts me all day,sometimes two!
| 10/15/2018 3:10 PM
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Eleaf I Stick 40W TC Express Kit
I purchased two of these little monsters. One in black the other in silver. Very easy to use. With a touch of a button in changes to TC. Enough power to operate basically anything that has a 510. Fast shipping and excellent packing. Thanks Vapeshop!
| 9/13/2018 11:44 PM
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Eleaf istick 40 watt
New to vaping.  Very easy to use and you can’t beat the price.  You can add different tanks to see what satisfies you.  I use it will Melo 3, nautilus mini and aspire ce5.  Trying to quit smoking so I’m searching for options.  Fast shipping too
| 6/25/2018 1:09 PM
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Eleaf Istick tc40w
Just received my eleaf tc40w battery in the mail.delivery was fast and on time.love how this works with my favorite e-juices.
| 2/16/2018 3:51 AM
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I have been a fan of Eleaf's for several years now. I have purchased 4 Eleaf mods, 3 of the 40W. I am not happy with my most recent purchase. Consistent issues with the mod recognizing the tank. I finally gave up and purchased another brand
| 1/11/2018 9:22 PM
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I love this thing
Choose your temp Watt or Volt with a Ohms reader on it.  Cheaper than many atomizers but does everything those expensive mods do.  I have no idea why someone would pay 100bucks or more for an ecig when you can pay 30 and rocj this thing.  I bought one, lasted 3 years and bought another after dropping it at least 599 times falling asleep in my chair it keeps on working.
| 1/10/2018 4:20 AM
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Not as good as my old one
I had an eleaf 30 watt mod, which lasted well over a year. I bought this as a replacement because I like the style and size. Although it is decent, it does not hold a charge nearly as long my previous istick. I am a moderate user, and only go up to about 12-13 watts. I try not to suck on it all day, but find that the battery needs to be charged at least twice a day (sometimes more). My old one would go almost all day! Maybe it's just as well because I want to ultimately leave this vaping behind and be done with all vices for good.
| 8/20/2017 11:51 AM
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Fantastic Starter Kit
I purchased this along with the aspire mini nautilus top piece. It is the perfect way to start it comes with a charger, however is fully charged when you receive it. The battery last a really long time! It's easy to use and has helped me with quitting smoking a ton!! I LOVE IT!! I highly recommend this to anyone!!
| 6/24/2017 6:32 PM
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nice product
I like your product I had one just it, but something happen to it
I can't get it turn on , I have tired , but won' come on I am very happy with your product  Thanks Mrs Johnson
| 6/4/2017 6:26 PM
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Great backup
I use this iStick as a backup...it usually is in my briefcase...but it does the job as expected. It was my first when I changed from the pens and I recommend it to anyone just starting out with the vape experience.
| 4/2/2017 1:52 AM
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works great
Just bought one of these to go with my Nautilus Mini tank since I am trying again to get off cigarettes. I set it at 7.5 watts and it vapes Perfect!
Lots of smoke, very smooth, and no burnt juice!
battery life seems to be really good for the price.....
Takes a little getting use to since it is pretty small and the button feels fire button feels loose.
I am very happy with my purchase and will probably have to purchase a second one for a back-up.
Can't wait to try this setup with the new Clapton coils!
| 3/12/2017 5:34 AM
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istick 40W
best i've had the vape is consistent from start to end of battery.. in fact don't realize that battery out already because the vape is so consistent.
| 3/11/2017 9:08 PM
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This is my first temp control mod. I didn't want to jump into a $100+ device before I got a chance to experience the nickel coils and temp control first. I had low expectations because of the price, but was really surprised at the performance. It does a superb job, and I am definitely happy with my purchase. Why Spend more $$$$ this will definitely do the job!
| 2/17/2017 2:02 AM
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fast service
I live in nyc and there is nothing better than sitting at home and buying online

They are great
Their service prompt and everything was shipped

| 1/30/2017 1:02 AM
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Wanted to Love It
It's a great mod, but my only real gripe is the battery. I could never, even when new, get anywhere close to a full day from this thing. I LOVE the size, the look, the power, the TC option, the finish and all the above, but it just doesn't last long enough. And for reference I normally only have a 1.8ohm Nautilus Mini on this thing for vape on the go. I occasionally throw on a Veritas RDA with a single 1.5ohm build and vape it around 14-16watt, so I rarely push this thing anywhere near its power handling capacity, which makes it that much more disappointing. I've used it for a year because I just throw it on the charger in the car, but it's never been my favorite - which is too bad because it could have been. Not bad.
| 12/21/2016 10:49 PM
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This is a great product for me. it has great power and stays charged all day
Great product and plenty of power to stay charged all day.
| 12/9/2016 7:47 PM
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great size
I love the new Istick but the battery could last a little longer. it has not left me yet but I got close so a little nervous if i need to go a day with out a charge.
| 9/30/2016 6:59 PM
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great product
Ordered on a Friday and came the following Wednesday, battery fully charged and ready for my aerotank MOW. Works great, I'm happy with the thread connector making it possible to use a G-slim tank or similar products.
| 7/20/2016 11:16 PM
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Great Product!
I bought the Eleaf iStick 40W TC Express Kit to replace my Eleaf iStick 30W and am so happy with it!  I use this with the Eleaf Melo 3 mini tank.  So affordable and so worth every penny.  I love my Eleaf iStick!  It performs great and looks good too.  As per usual, Vape Shop provided quick delivery.  
| 6/7/2016 6:49 PM
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Love this battery
Eleaf  40 watt battery is awesome.
| 5/21/2016 6:07 AM
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Pretty cool
This is an upgrade for me from the 30w that I bought a year ago and dropped one to many times. It's nice. It's a little bit heavier, but still fits nicely in my pockets and in my hand. It's small but has good battery life and good vapor production. I'm not sure if it's much different honestly from the 30w. I'm not a hardcore mod user or whatever so I don't really "get" the temperature control thing, but it's a cool feature. I'm more a fan of set it and forget it than of playing with features much, so it's perfect for that. The price here was great, though, and shipping was insane. I ordered on Friday and had it in hand on Monday. My husband wants one now so apparently I'll be reordering soon.
| 4/24/2016 3:19 PM
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Great value
Love this as an intro to sub ohm vaping. Insanely good price. Great vape production. Couldn't recommend more. Super fast shipping to boot!
| 4/13/2016 5:51 AM
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One of the best vaporizer APV around
Funny how this iStick 40W TC is still one of the best around.
Its small size is very convenient. It can drive pretty much any kind of atomizer. It looks good.
And the price is unbeatable.

VapeShop is such a great company - the price is awesome - and the selection for the best devices is absolutely terrific - they totally nailed it.
Basically if this vape shop carries a device - it is one of the best around.

| 3/16/2016 3:35 AM
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Love it!
First time for this type. No problems so far. Love that I can vape & charge! Matched with the Melos 2!   Ordered one for my daughter today!  She loves mine!  Also shipping is fantastic here! Price & speed!!
| 2/23/2016 10:20 PM
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Perfect battery at 40W and the temp control works super-lasts me
over 2 days with a full charge- I'm sure to buy more!
| 2/23/2016 9:25 PM
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Easy to use
This is my first attempt at vaping so I had no idea about what I needed. Man am I glad I found this site, very helpful and not a lot of b.s. Love the isticks ease of use and size, got the melo2, what a combination. Had a mix up with shipping but the vape shop was very nice to deal with. All in all a pretty good experience.
| 2/16/2016 10:26 PM
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Excellent Value
Puchased this battery 4 months ago and still holds a charge all day for me. This was my first mod and step up from a spinner. I ran the  nautilus mini until this week on it, just got the triton mini and man I'm loving it. Haven't smoked an analog in a year now. WOV/Vapeshop is the best!
| 1/29/2016 8:25 AM
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Eleaf Stick 40 W
I made the jump from the Eleaf Stick 30W to the 40W and boy am I glad I did.  So much control with flavor and vape.  Battery lasts a long time.  My new favorite toy!  And WOV has the best price around!  
| 1/26/2016 8:14 PM
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great battery
I've had this for about a week now and love it.price is great and quick shipping.I love being able to switch from watts to tc.I use it in both modes but prefer the tc. I bought the gs air tank with nickel coils and kanthal coils since I can use both types in this tank.definitely would recommend this battery.especially for begginer tc vapers
| 1/9/2016 5:57 PM
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Waiting so long
Wow! What a great battery ! I am so fed up with standard 510 style batteries with junkyard switches. In fact the last three I purchased had switches that failed. And what a terrific price! I found this battery in Atlanta for almost $78 ! You guys had it for under $35- and quick delivery to boot. This was my second order. Well pleased ! Thanks World of Vape
| 12/31/2015 12:21 AM
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Ohm Calibration problems
Purchased two and the ohm calibration is off on both. Compared them to other meters I have. Using 1.6 ohm coils in my tanks then switching them around found that both are a little high on the ohms but one unit is .2 over the other. That said, they do both work great when taking in the difference ohms and adjusting them.  They both last a good long time and the size is wonderful. Although they are a great size and weight for the pocket the power button is above the case, so turn them off before putting them there. The features are easy to use and the screen is easy to read. The 60 watt version from Eleaf which I also purchased two of read .01 difference on the ohms using the same setup as above.
| 12/10/2015 4:44 PM
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Love it!
Bought one directly from Eleaf and was bummed to find out that it's so much cheaper here at WOV.  But I loved it and bought a 2nd one at WOV.  At first, I didn't like having to fiddle with the temperature, but found that once I remembered the best temp for my e-juices, I couldn't go back to one without temp control.  I also love that it automatically figures out the coil's ohm and limits the watt/temp so I don't damage the coil.

My wattage setting is usually 14-15 watts at 300 degrees and find that it lasts all day of constant vaping.
| 12/10/2015 5:29 AM
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small but powerful
I've only had it for 3 weeks. but so far I love it.
| 12/7/2015 11:52 PM
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Works great so far
| 11/9/2015 4:47 PM
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Works exactly as planned
For the price the iStick 40W works extremely well. No issues at all. It holds the charge well and is compatible with all usb cord & charges that fit. 40w is a good starting point for those just starting out as well as those moving up from eGo style. The next step up would be the 60w which I highly recommend the Eleanor iStick 60w as well.
| 10/31/2015 9:10 PM
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excellent battery even for newbies
1st battery since everyone changing over from pen style love this battery and temp control is awesome to extend life atomizers and save product I'm a light smoker so it more lasts me all week  I have a Divine Tribe2.5 ceramic atomizer on top running temp mode 290-310* battery rips it and the displays and functions are awesome these are high quality for reasonable prices and WOV has quick service and customer friendly staff  these batteries rock out the box if I was a constant smoker I'd get the 100w-Cuzrednek
| 10/31/2015 6:10 PM
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Great mod
Has great battery life. I have yet to try the tc function but got some coils ordered today.
| 10/20/2015 5:55 PM
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Awesome Battery
I own the istick 20W & 30W and this 40W is the best by far. It is sturdy and easy to use. Right out of the box I was pleased and the price was wonderful!
| 10/14/2015 8:34 PM
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great battery
I have an istick 20w and now the istick 40. Love them both for their size and battery life. The istick 40 woks great with my mini natilus. Adustibility with the istick 40 is great, this thing can produce a deep hard hit of vape.
| 10/4/2015 11:01 AM
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Great battery.
I really like the 40w ileaf.  It gives a good performance for the price.  Only objection........I vape pretty steadily, and it doesn't last all day.  That's the reason I gave it four instead of 5 starts.  Love the displays.
| 10/3/2015 9:36 PM
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Good mod
Bought this one because the threads on my istick 20w stripped out.  Battery life doesn't last quite as long as the 20w on similar settings.  The lock feature is great, I don't know how many times I pulled my 20w out of my pocket and the settings were cranked all the way up.  All in all, a good AD mod.
| 10/3/2015 6:57 PM
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Great Battery
I use the 40 watt and the 30 watt battery because they last longer between charges than a typical "pen" style battery. You can dial it in with the visual display and get the exact burn that you want. Great product, this is my 3rd time with this style of battery. I would buy it again.
| 9/23/2015 5:50 PM
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great little starter
This is a great starter for anyone looking to upgrade from pen style batteries. It works consistently well and has a nice long battery life. It is also very easy to use.
| 9/23/2015 5:17 PM
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Great small tc mod
Just bought this as a way to try out temp control vaping and I love it lasts longer and give a more consistant vape and works great at 460 now dont have to worry about burning my wick on longer drags
| 9/23/2015 3:39 PM
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Solid piece of hardware
I've been using the Aspire pen style battery mod with the K1 tank for a long time, however the battery life started to decline and I was wanting more features. Enter the Eleaf, it's a box mod so it breaks the form factor and attached neckbeard stigma of the pen style, and it looks fantastic to boot (I paired with the Nautilus mini + metal cage tank sleeve and the blue silicone battery sleeve).

Build quality is great, has a nice heft without being bulky. And the battery lasts me several days. The variable wattage and TC work well, and it's nice to have the additional control over my vape experience.

Would recommend to anyone.
| 9/19/2015 8:02 PM
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Made the Switch
I had been using another e-cig product for about 5 years. Recently the quality in their hardware started to decline.
I've had the Eleaf TW40 for about a month now and have had no issues. I verified the authenticity through the Eleaf website and everything came out good.
I've ordered once from World of Vapor and it was a positive experience. They've earned my loyalty.  
| 9/18/2015 8:28 PM
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A World of (Vape) difference
My spouse and I started vaping with the pen style 1100mAh batteries, having to recharge about every 3-4 hours. We then invested in 3 batteries each to continue vaping, at about $20 bucks each with tax. As pen style batteries lose their charge, the vaping experience diminishes quickly. I found WOV online and checked out the eleaf istick TC 40w. The price being less than two 1100mAh pen batteries, I bought two for a trial, one each. WOV said they are authentic and that they are... Scratched and verified.

Best "no brainer" decision I ever made. We can vape all day on one charge. Recharge while sleeping and it's ready for the next day. The best part is that our vaping experience DOESN'T diminish throughout the day.
| 9/12/2015 8:39 PM
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Excellent battery
Much improved over the 30w. Good product. Very reasonable price. Best price and shipping from WOV. I'm a very satisfied customer and I'll keep ordering all my stuff from WOV. Best site, best prices, best service.
| 9/9/2015 9:37 PM
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My favorite!
Porcelaine blue and white cover gets plenty of complements. This has been a great battery at the best price I've found for its type. Two comments: 1) It's not a tank. It will survive several drops and a lot of jostling without being much worse for the wear, but after sand was present.. well, sand and electronic components just don't mix but their meeting was entirely unplanned. I was able to unscrew a few pieces and use compressed air to get rid of most of the problem. Lastly, before any of that went down, the small plastic piece above the power button fell off within the first week. It's a cosmetic issue only, really, but like I said, they're not exactly indestructable engineering. Reliable charge on the battery though.
| 9/3/2015 4:36 AM
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Good life choice!
This is a great battery. Just the right size, easy to adjust, and a lock mode so the watts can't be accidentally changed. I love the vape while charging. I highly recommend this battery.
| 9/3/2015 12:56 AM
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