WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Full Description

The Halo (previously eVo) Whisper eLiquid is part of the Halo White Series collection of eLiquid.

Flavor Description:

Shout it from the rooftops! Whisper’s subtle yet irresistible taste is heaven-sent for anyone seeking a light tobacco flavor. This understated e-liquid gently combines the flavors of sweet tobacco, dried plums, and a touch of sweet caramel.

Halo White Series:

The Halo White Series (previously eVo) is a great collection of Tobacco or Menthol & Mint flavored eLiquids.

Nicopure, the manufacturer of both Halo and eVo eLiquids has re-branded the eVo tobacco flavors under the Halo White Series label. The eLiquid formula and flavor is absolutely the same as the one you loved under the eVo brand.


  • Propylene Glycol (USP)
  • Glycerin (USP)
  • Natural & artificial Flavorings
  • L-Nicotine
  • PG/VG Ratio: 70/30

Return policy:

  • This is probably obvious but just in case: We do not accept returns on eLiquid!

About Nicopure:

Having been a key player in the industry since 2009, Nicopure offers a collection of American made eLiquid.

cGMP Manufacturing

Nicopure labs formulates all eLiquid using only current good manufacturing practices in an FDA registered facility. These practices provide for a system that assures proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. Developing eLiquid the right way offers our customers the quality assurance they deserve.

Lab Tested Quality

Each ingredient in every batch of our eLiquid is tested to USP (United States Pharmacopeia Convention) standards to ensure the purity and safety of our products. In addition, the nicotine concentration of every finished batch is verified by HPLC and NMR to ensure the safety of our customers. All approved batch are issued a final Certificate of Analysis for cGMP release from the lab and assigned a unique Batch Code for tracking further down the supply chain. Nicopure labs uses the latest technologies in mixing, filling and labellng to ensure a streamlined production with the highest quality finished product.

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Been using for years!!
This is my favorite of any e-liquid. Sadly, if this is not available here in 12mg. I have to take my business elsewhere, as I am not interested in using any other product but this one. It has not been available in the 12mg for a while now and I'm hoping it'll come back soon!
Guest | 9/22/2020 4:16 PM
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Halo Whisper
Halo is my favorite ejuice, smooth and flavor is what I like and this one works
Paula D | 9/18/2020 8:50 AM
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Halo is my favorite eliq, this was new to me so I tried it and for me not as flavorful as Tribeca. But got to try something different sometimes and will again. And as always, Vapeshop is my primary shop for ecig stuff. Good products, prices, and great service.
Paula D | 5/18/2020 12:51 PM
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Smooth and slightly sweet
I prefer a tobacco flavor and this is fantastic with just a hint of sweetness. It is not strong at all and best of all it doesn't leave a scent behind on your clothing or in your home!
Guest | 10/22/2019 9:19 AM
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What happened to 0mg? I love the flavor and 0mg.
Guest | 3/21/2019 4:33 PM
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Tastes just like another Halo classic!
Pricing and shipping on point, as usual.

This was my first time trying Whisper. I read a lot of the reviews and had a decent idea of what to expect. I had a new device and coils to try it on and to me it tastes exactly like how I remember Tribeca to be.

Granted, its been several months since I finished my last bottle but to me Whisper tastes exactly the same. But again, this is a new device and last time I had Tribecca it was 50 mg salts, and I ordered Whisper in 18 mg. I love to try them side by side because I really didn't detect any real difference.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. The flavor is great; nice earthy tobacco with notes of smokey vanilla and caramel. The end result is robust flavor thats rich without being too complex or overwhelming.

However, I would have liked a more distinct variation of the flavor. Maybe more tobacco, less sweetness, some new flavor notes blended in. As it is, there's really nothing I can tell that sets it apart from Halo's flagship Tribeca flavor. Or maybe it's just too subtle for me to notice.

Again, not a bad a flavor but I was hoping for more a variation on one of their classics here.

Justin C | 8/20/2019 6:55 PM
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Answer to the bottles
I found liquid still coming out of the bottles after I filled my tank. After a few fills, this outside liquid would leak on to my hand or the side of my vape.
I wound up prying the top off the liquid with a thin knife, and I pour it into a condiment bottle...you know the kind they used to have at picnics with the attached little red cap? Worked like a charm with no mess and a quick fill.
This is the BEST liquid for the tobacco taste, and I have vowed to overcome any obstacle to continue to use it.
Laura P | 3/5/2019 11:50 AM
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Not a fan
Maybe it's just me, but all I can taste is very slightly sweet dried plums when I inhale, and an off tobaccoish flavor exhale. Not the best.
Matthew G | 4/14/2019 10:08 PM
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New bottles are terrible, the liquid is great
I mix my liquid to get 1.5 mg of nicotine because I'm on my way to quitting and weaning myself off slowly. the new bottles make it really difficult to do this. It is also really difficult to squeeze any reasonable amount out of it. I much preferred the old glass bottles with the dropper.
Guest | 10/15/2018 12:23 PM
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Whisper Oustanding
I saved a couple of my BLUE Glass bottles.To remove the top, I break the seal and pry open with a screwdriver. Then I get a glass and sit the bottle inside so as to not knock over the bottle. I then take a pair of snippers and cut most of the end of plastic off which makes it easer to get more e juice quicker into the bottle. Got tired of fighting the battle
cathy h | 12/6/2018 4:07 PM
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