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The Joyetech CLR Coils are similar to the Joyetech CL Coils but are rebuildable. The Joyetech CLR Coils and Joyetech CL Coils are for the Joyetech eGo ONE, Joyetech eGo ONE Mega, Joyetech Tron Atomiser, etc..., and have a wire made of either Kanthal (standard version) or Titanium (Temperature Control version). The Joyetech CLR Coils are rebuildable coils - perfect for those with the time and interest to rebuild their coils. The Joyetech CLR Coils comes with a little instruction manual to assist you.

The Joyetech CLR Coils comes in 3 versions:

  • Standard: 1.0Ω
  • Standard: 0.5Ω
  • Temp. Control: Ti - 0.5Ω cold (of course the resistance will vary based on the temperature)

VapeShop Comments about the Joyetech eGo ONE:

The Joyetech eGo ONE has been a very welcome surprise, Joyetech seems to have made all the right design choices with this device. For instance; the Joyetech eGo ONE is a pen style battery with a diameter slightly larger than usual, as a result the Joyetech eGo ONE is very comfortable to hold. It is also much shorter than most pen style batteries and has a very large battery capacity 1100 mAh and 2200 mAh which is unheard of in the world of pen style vaporizers. Another great design choice is the 2 different coils for 2 different vaping styles, the 1.0 ohm coil design with its tighter draw is ideal for the mouth to lung vapers while the 0.5 ohm coil design with its looser draw is perfect for volume vapers.

The most amazing aspect of this device is that during our testing, we found the smaller device to be the one we used the most. We have never experienced such a small device being that good before. Whenever we had to go out and wanted a great vaporizer, we found ourselves taking the eGo ONE 1100 mAh.


VapeShop only offers genuine products. Our members are increasingly reporting seeing clones in B&M stores and a few online sites. VapeShop strongly encourages manufacturers to use security authenticity code on all their products and we also encourage everyone to check it when available.

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Joyetech eGo ONE Review On TVC-The ONE device to rule them all
By The Vapor Chronicles
Duration: 00:34:13
Published on: 1/3/2015

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Most flavor
I use the 1.0 ohm CLR since I am a mouth to lung vaper and do not do sub ohm vaping.  And I love the flavor these produce.  Better than any other coils I have tried.
Guest | 6/21/2019 7:12 PM
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Authentic and nicely boxed. I use a 28 gauge kanthol wire 5 wraps on a 2.5mm. It always gives me a little over 1.0 ohm Very easy to build on once you learn the steps. I watched at least 5 u tube videos and took notes. The coils come with a building guide as well. As for the Vape Shop they are number one with outstanding customer service and e mail cotrespondence and excellent prices. Thanks!
Anthony C | 12/19/2018 10:58 PM
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Joyetech CLR rebuildable
Authentic and fresh. Thanks vape shop for carefully packing my items and getting them to me in a timely manner. Excellent e-mails and tracking. Much appreciated. Best.❤
Anthony C | 9/20/2018 11:00 PM
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Best draw
The clr is the better of the 2 types. The 0.5 gives the most vapor than the 1.0.
Linda N | 1/13/2018 6:24 PM
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Great once you rebuild them!
I was getting frustrated with these at first. I went through three right away that were burnt no matter how easy I went on it, or how long I let the wick soak. Nothing seemed to work.  
I moved onto the fourth in the pack ready to give up, but first I pulled it all apart and rebuilt it using it's own pieces just to make sure everything was in the right place.  
I managed to make that one last about a week before it started to taste off.  I rebuilt it yesterday with my own wire and cotton and it's fantastic, tastes better than the pre-made stuff it came with, draws juice just fine.  I was shocked.  
The materials used originally must be pretty poor in quality or something.  When I rebuilt it you can see where the wire was burning itself to death in a few places, thin spots, pretty charred, only after a week so..  Rebuild these right away and you won't regret it!  I'm glad that with a few extra bucks for the replacement cotton and wire I shouldn't have to buy another coil in pretty much forever.
Steve B | 4/15/2017 5:49 PM
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Best draw
These coils give the best draw and you are able to replace cotton should it become contaminated with unsavory ejuice.
Mike N | 7/8/2017 6:51 PM
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Great for the Pico
Nice airflow and flavor. And without the leaking or dry hit issues using the standard pico deck. I also found the 0.5 Ohm (VW) has better airflow and flavor than the 1.0 Ohm coils. And I do plan to rebuild these to see if I can get even better flavor out of them.
Tru S | 5/31/2017 9:16 PM
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Work great... when they work
Love these atomizers when they work. About 1 of every 5-pack seems to be defective. Won't draw juice correctly and taste burnt no matter what.  It gets expensive wasting 20% of the atomizers you buy.
George T | 1/27/2017 6:06 PM
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Awesome Coils
These coils are very smooth, not too much of the snap,crackle and pop as with the more cheap quality coils.
Donald R | 4/24/2017 5:00 PM
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The BEST Yet!
I have a HUGE collection of every tank imaginable, but none seem to give me the overall taste/ flavor/ draw I've been looking for until I tried the Ego One Mega -  with ONLY the CLR coils!  A huge shame those tanks are no longer carried here (I am not a fan of the new versions at all).... but regardless, these coils are by far - the BEST!

These CLR coils give the perfect hit every single time w/ the best flavor, compared to just about every other coil out there - including the CL coils, which seem to burn every time I've ever used them (regardless of being well primed w ejuice)!!!  Then there's the fact that these coils are REBUILDABLE!  Can't find too many others out there that are!  I've rebuilt mine several times, but so far not able to match these exactly (though I'm getting close - using 28 gauge wrapped about 5x & organic Japanese cotton, getting about .75ohm).....  Still, just cannot beat the flavor & draw that I do when buying them  ;)   ALSO have found that these CLR coils last a LOT longer that the CL as well!   Cam't beat the price either!

John R | 11/29/2016 12:45 PM
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