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This was a great APV, solid - with tons of great features.

Joyetech has released a newer version - the Joyetech eVic Primo 2 with even more features and an improved design.

We would recommend this newer model to every fan of the eVic VTwo.

The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini 75W is the new Temperature Control (Variable Temperature - VT) mod from Joyetech. The latest VTwo version is basically the same as the the VTC version with the latest firmware update which features a Real Time Clock (RTC) on the menu. The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini 75W is one of the absolute best APV on the market, it is a very high quality device that is capable of both Variable Wattage (up to 75W) and Variable Temperature Control. The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini 75W also features a bypass mode. The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini 75W uses any standard 18650 battery cell (not included). This APV is solid, beautiful, powerful, accurate, and full of great features. We absolutely love the Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini 75W.

The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini 75W is also firmware upgradable.  

The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini 75W comes in many colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Cyan
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Grey

The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini 75W Express Kit Content:

  • 1 x eVic-VTwo Mini (no battery cell - sold separately)
  • 1 x USB Cable (No Wall Adapter included)
  • 1 x User Manual 
  • 1 x Warranty Card (Always Keep the warranty card and the serial number on the box)

Temperature Control is the latest trend in the vaping community, it provides the ability to vape at different temperature to achieve the best possible vape. Temperature Control devices are also very helpful to prevent coil burning which is important with nowadays cotton coils.

VapeShop Comments:

At VapeShop we select only the best devices in each category. Our temperature control devices must be able provide the ability to vape at different temperatures, but they must also be easy to use. The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini 75W is a great example of the next generation of temperature control device that not only works well but is also easy to use and enjoy. 

Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini 75W Features:

  • Dimensions: 22.20x38.20x82.00mm
  • Output Mode: VT-Ti/VT-Ni/VW/Bypass Mode
  • Output Wattage: 1 - 75W
  • Passthrough: The battery can be recharged while vaping
  • 510 thread: Stainless Steel and Spring loaded connector
  • Magnetic Battery Cover
  • Output Mode: VT-Ti / VT-Ni / VW Mode
  • Temperature Range: 100-315℃ / 200-600℉
  • VT Resistance Range: 0.05Ω - 1.0Ω (VT mode)
  • VW Resistance Range: 0.1Ω - 3.5Ω (VW mode & Bypass mode)
  • Firmware Upgradable
  • Safety: Dual Circuit Protection


VapeShop only offers genuine products. Our members are increasingly reporting seeing clones in B&M stores and a few online sites. VapeShop strongly encourages manufacturers to use security authenticity code on all their products and we also encourage everyone to check it when available. 

Video Reviews (2)

Evic VTC Mini!
By RiP Trippers
Duration: 00:12:53
Published on: 9/4/2015
Joyetech eVic VTC Mini - Review
By Vapor Trail Channel
Duration: 00:13:37
Published on: 8/27/2015

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Still the best
This is my go-to mod despite owning about 12 other box-style mods. Quick and easy battery changes and durable construction for a chain-vaper like me is important. Great screen, comfortable in the hand, simple operation, and quality finish. Just don't dunk it in the lake or you'll be buying a replacement like I just did. My VTC mini, the predecessor to the VTwo is still going strong after a couple years of hard use, and is my backup.

For forty bucks, I'd recommend this to anyone out there, whether you're a veteran vaper or new to the game. I'm sure Joyetech won't be making this much longer as it seems that all the manufacturers are throwing new stuff at us as fast as they can. I've toned down my buying spree mentality, and am sticking with what works, and works well.

And to top it all off, the VapeShop gang have the selling/shipping routine down to a science. Orders are processed and shipped very quickly. I've ordered a ton of stuff from them, and always get it so quickly that it makes Amazon Prime look pretty ho-hum. My bookmark still says World of Vape,(hah).

Now if we can get you to use spell-check on the news articles...
| 8/9/2017 3:24 AM
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I've been through two in just over a year
I like this Vtwo mini.  In fact, I once loved it.  However, I've been through two in just over a year.  VapeShop replaced the first one when it just died out of the blue.  The second one became extremely hot while charging, then died...after the warranty had expired.  Believe it or not I'm purchasing a third because I still remember that first love.  Last chance though...really!!
| 8/8/2017 9:47 PM
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Great little mod!
This is my second one. Had the original eVic Mini for over 2 years until the plastic around the bottom battery post cracked and fell out. Finally decided to replace it. Hope this one lasts as long!
| 7/8/2017 12:51 PM
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favorite set up!
I have been vaping for only about 2 yrs. With this setup I can vape with my nautalis mini and have no problems at all. I have tried several different setups and this is hands down the best I have. And having a clock on the oled is helpful also!
| 6/22/2017 11:57 AM
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love it!
My first MOD vape and I love it! It's such a great quality machine and I LOVE the cyan color I got it in!!! Also, this website has AMAZING customer service guys!! I recommend this product and website for sure!! Speedy shipping too!
| 4/17/2017 4:10 PM
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I've purchased several mods lately and this is by far the best. Very reactive. Can lock the wattage up and down buttons. 5 clicks for instant on and off, no waiting. The finish on these do NOT scratch like all the other mods I have. They have got the finish figured out on this one.  
I use the Triton 2 tank with clapton .5 coils. I would highly recommend this mod for typical vaping.
| 2/20/2017 3:19 PM
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Order 3pm had it next day no extra charge! Amazing device works well with the yocan nxy wax attachment!
| 2/4/2017 1:46 PM
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So many options with this mod
I ordered this one because I had broken the previous model.  I am totally impressed with this mod.  Size wise it is the same as the eVic Mini that it replaces but the software makes it worth the purchase.  I highly recommend it.  Don't forget to update the firmware so you get even more options out of this mod like a pre-fire mode that allows you to heat up the coil at a different watt for a certain amount of tenths of seconds, than what it's setup up for before it fires up.
| 12/6/2016 2:16 PM
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Great Product for Price
This mod is absolutely great. Good smoke, cutomizable, and very reliable. Doesnt drain battery. Very recommended
| 11/8/2016 9:38 AM
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Very happy
I've been looking at these since they came out and I'm glad I decided to get one finally. I'm really impressed with the build quality and the powder coating. It looks real clean and the door has good fit and sits flush. I haven't had it for very long, less than one month, but if it holds up well for a reasonable amount of time this will be my best value purchase yet.
     Also as a side note the price here was great and shipping was very quick, 3 days to Indiana.
| 10/28/2016 11:37 AM
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little orange
I really enjoy this little box. This is my second mod and I paired the eVic mini with a freemax starre tank. The temp control is a dream, the colors are bright and fun, and shipping from was extremely quick. I placed my order on a Saturday and it was at my door on Wednesday.  

The only thing I dislike about the evic mini so far is the clockface screensaver. I haven't figured out how, or if, it can be disabled. It's not useful to me, personally, and I feel like it stays on for so long that it drains the battery unnecessarily.
| 10/25/2016 11:08 AM
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perfect for me
It's the first and last mod you'll ever need. Now if joyetech would bring back the tron tank life would be great.
| 9/21/2016 1:55 PM
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Great Purchase!
Does everything the super expensive MODS do and for half the price.  LOVE the battery door design....magnets make so much more sense than anything else.  Can not go wrong with this great little MOD.
| 9/15/2016 3:01 PM
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Dynamite Mod!
I love this product! Been using it for about 2 weeks. It's amazing. Having so many options and control in a small size single battery mod makes this an awesome product. Feels great in my hands which are average-above average size. Wouldn't be a problem for small hands. Might feel just a bit small in very large hands. Buttons are responsive, battery connections are good. This thing just looks, feels, and most importantly, vapes amazing! Don't even think twice, buy it. Get yourself a silicone sleeve too!
| 9/13/2016 2:39 PM
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Love the product but the one we received from the vapeshop did not work. In contact with vapeshop now to see what my options are.
| 9/5/2016 9:59 AM
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Love It
I love having ability for 75W now, and what other settings I've tried I've been pleased with. As always,  great service, super fast shipping, thanks so much.
| 8/27/2016 5:44 PM
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Everything I wanted...
After passing my iStick to a friend, I went looking for a new mod that met certain requirements:
  - Replaceable battery
  - Temperature control
  - Small form factor
  - Side charging port (WTF does everybody put these on the bottom?! If you're gonna do that, at least make a dock... silly vape companies... some of us want to saturate our new coils while we sleep & charge...).

I could always find 3/4, but never 4/4. Until I found the eVic VTwo.

It has all the features I wanted and I was pleased to see that it is functionally the same size as the iStick and fits nicely in my pocket. The replaceable battery thing wasn't a must for me, but I ended up getting myself one of the famous brown LG batteries (I'm a MTL vaper... LMO chemistry is the way to go in my opinion, safety over power people!! Let's keep those fingers attached to those hands...). I bought the grey mod and paired it with a black Cubis Pro. It looks sexy as heck and performs flawlessly. I'm seriously in love.

The clock thing is kinda funny. Not sure why it's needed (great, ANOTHER clock to set...), but I suppose it's semi convenient. I'd turn it off if I knew how. And I still don't totally "get" the TCR feature. But the general TC mode works great with a SS316, and running at 20W / 275 deg C gets me two full days of vaping on a single charge (3000 mAh in the LG 18650). I couldn't be happier!

Buy it. It's a bargain. And it works amazingly.
| 8/10/2016 1:14 PM
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Fantastic Mod!
What I can say, it's the best single battery mod I've used.  I have several including an IPV-Mini 2 and Kanger KBox - but the eVic VTC-mini beats 'em all hands down.

Great design, great screen and a magnetic battery door that stays shut and doesn't rattle around!  Handles Variable Wattage and Temp Control and has handled every tank I've thrown on it with zero issues.

All this plus it has firmware that can be updated off the Internet?  SOLD!
| 5/24/2016 11:53 AM
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awesome mod
Just received my third one as a back up. I like these that much. Does everything I'd ever do  includining temp control. My first one is still rock solid and a die hard. I've been stocking up on what works wonderfully without fail. I highly reccomend these. Wov is awesome on service price and shipping. I've used these folks several times and have never been dissapointed   You can't go wrong with them or this mod. Thanks guys.
| 5/16/2016 12:16 PM
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Best 18650 mod
I have to agree with everyone else.

This is the best 18650 mod out there right now.
Feels very solid. Great display and easy to use.

The tc mod works like a charm.
Thanks a lot to VapeShop for amazing quality mods and excellent prices.
Keep up the good work over there. The community truly appreciates all you do.

| 5/14/2016 10:09 AM
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best single battery mod
This is the best single battery mod I have ever bought.
The temperature sensing works exceptionally well, and I love that it can go all the way up to 75W
| 5/2/2016 1:51 PM
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great protection
Well made tight fitting protection , highly recommend,
| 5/1/2016 8:30 AM
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great little mod
Big bright display, solid built , fits well in the hand , changeable battery , get one and an extra battery or two with a charger and your set
| 5/1/2016 7:47 AM
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great littl eperformer
fantastic fit feel and finish.
| 4/22/2016 3:20 PM
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The Best
I love these mods. I have a few of them in different colors and use them every day. They're the perfect size and weight to fit in your pocket or a commuter bag, and they perform well every tank I've tried, from Aspire Triton Mini to Smok TFV4 mini. The OLED screen is super clear and shows everything you need to know in a half second glance. The side charging port let's you stand it up on your desk so it won't leak, and you can vape while it's charging, even if the battery indicator is flashing 3%. The only downsides I've seen are that changing the advanced settings can be a little cumbersome, and if you drop it, the magnetic battery cover flies across the room (but you probably shouldn't be throwing your vape around anyway, right?).
| 4/7/2016 11:45 AM
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Great mod
My previous mod was an Istick 40TC and while it was good and did everything that I ever asked of it, i was wanting a unit with a removable battery. I chose the eVic VTC mini based on the reviews I read, and have not been disappointed in any aspect of it. It has more features than the Istick and is by far a superior unit. I am not a sub-ohmer, I run a 1.5 ohm coil at 8-9 watts in a Kanger Toptank mini with a rba deck and the battery life with a LG HG2 easily lasts all day and then some. Although I am relatively new to vaping and have been spending way too much money buying kit, this has easily been one of my wiser purchases. Thumbs up from me....
ps: WOV is an awesome vendor....
| 3/13/2016 8:19 PM
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Awesome Mod !!!
The eVic VTC Mini is one great mod. I bought my first one three months ago, and have enjoyed it over anything I've had / tried before. TC seems to be accurate, and has an easy to use menu. Having upgradable firmware if a huge plus. I've enjoyed using this mod so much, that I just received my second VTC Mini in the mail from WOV (now VS). Their service is swift, even when using the free shipping option. Very pleased with the products, prices, and services. Will definitely order from ya'll again in the future. Thank you !
| 2/18/2016 1:09 PM
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evic mini
I'm happy with my new evic mini 75 TC works grate and the price was good
| 2/17/2016 7:48 PM
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Packs a punch!
This little mod rocks! The eVic VTC Mini has been on my radar for months. I put a Vaporesso cCell Target Tank on this bad boy and I couldn't be happier, perfect setup for me. Love the size and feel of this mod. Performs like a champ! Very satisfied it lives up to it's reputation.

VapeShop is a joy to do business with, fast shipping and great prices! You have a new customer!  Thank you!
| 2/10/2016 12:02 PM
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Great performance and superb price
Great size and weight, temp mode with the Cubist just fantastic. Very tasty. Highly recommend, probably buying another as a backup.
| 2/7/2016 7:20 PM
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Uses energy well
This mod bests my other one (Kbox) as it allows batteries to last longer. It's simple to use, feels good in the hand, easy to read, and I like the finish on it.
| 1/30/2016 3:58 PM
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Nice and compact
Have used a sigeli 30w and 50w.  Now I have 2 of these.  Great battery life, display and nice size.  Works great with the Triton 2 tanks.

| 1/25/2016 7:16 PM
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Best 18650 TC mod
Already own a IPV D2, the VTC Mini is superior IMO. Only slightly larger but way better screen, chip (watts vs. joules), and I think TC is more accurate. Having charging port on the side instead of the bottom like so many other mods is also a huge plus. And, firmware upgradeable means you can keep the device current.
| 1/19/2016 11:53 AM
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Great Product / Very Satisfied
I've been using the Joytech mini mod for about two weeks and I love it. I did a lot of research before buying and chose this mod because it's compact, comfortable to hold and the display (in my opinion) is the best on the market. I highly recommend this unit to anyone.
| 1/3/2016 11:57 AM
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Awesome upgrade from the VT!
I have the eVic VT 60w and certainly was beyond happy with the mod...great battery life and versatility on the device and the mod is tough as nails. Took a few spills and no issues still after one year. The only downfall in my mind was the bulkiness and fitting in your pocket. Definitely not really much of a complaint. Once I saw the VTC mini and the added capability of upgrading the firmware...I was intrugued and it was not long before I purchased the item from WOV.

The eVic mini 75w mod is much smaller and lighter...fits right into your hand and fits prefectly into a pocket (with an Aspire Triton tank). You will have to purchase batteries and a charger but the exchange in having the bulkiness reduced is well worth the price. Needed to get used to swapping batteries out and charging them...but definitely not an inconvenience. The magnetic battery cover holds tight and is extremely well designed. The menu screen is just as large and bright as the VT and there are a few added upgrades on the screen interface. The VTC mini came with the 75w firmware upgrade already installed so I didn't have to go through the process but it seems pretty simple.  Definitely recommend the eVic VTC mini to anyone looking for a mod that packs a versatile enough to offer temperature control with NI, TI and stainless steel...all while being super compact. Also great service and shipping from WOV!
| 1/2/2016 1:55 PM
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The best
This is a wonderful kit. I purchased the whole kit. It is so versatile and complete. I love it. The vape is incredible and the flavor is the best with this tank
| 12/31/2015 10:47 PM
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One word to describe... Love! That. Is. All.
| 12/27/2015 1:57 PM
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perfect sub-tank box
Own a lot of sub-100watt boxes, this is by far my favorite. Well built, easy to use and perfect for all these new sub-tanks. Highly recommend it!
World of Vape was fast and reliable. Got my eVic in a few days. Great price and great service. Don't waste your time with any of these other less reliable companies. These guys are the real deal. I'll be buying from them again.
| 12/24/2015 5:08 AM
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The little mod that could
First off let me say I am very pleased with the speed in which my order was shipped to me.

This is my second VTC mini and all I can say is the are great and getting better with every firmware update. The device work excellent and has amazing battery life for a single 18650

I plan on buying another one very soon and will come back to WOV for that purchse
| 12/21/2015 6:18 PM
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Decent Mod
The mod is actually very good, can be upgraded to 75 W (very quick and easy) and is a very convenient size to carry.  The controls are easier to use than the ones on the full size eVic TC.   The tank is the real short coming for this kit.  At least is does not  leak like the first tank I received with my JoyeTech  eVic TC, but the draw is very tight even at maximum air flow and the flavor is not as good with this tank compared to my other two tanks.  The mod is well worth purchasing by itself, but not sure I would purchase the full kit again.
| 12/19/2015 6:37 PM
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This is the best mod I have had. Love the large display and I don't have to use my readers when I an looking at the ohms - using a rebuildable with pre-made coils.  The buttons press like a quality piece of equipment.  Really nice all around.  If you don't like the display in the 2.0 rev level you can go back one and keep the larger display but still have the 75w update.
| 12/19/2015 1:14 PM
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Best Bang for the Buck!
Especially a Great buy here at WOV. Compare for yourself!
Giant clouds with my RDA :)
| 12/17/2015 1:27 AM
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Flawless Operation - Best Bang For Your Buck
The Evic-VCT Mini sure packs a punch, despite its small size.  Fits nicely in the hand and has a great, balanced feel.  Rugged construction - I'm not worried to take it out and about.  There's a nice heft to it.  Variable wattage AND temperature control (that works well with Ni200, Ti, AND SS, with V 2.0 update, which mine came with installed) make this a no-brainer.  The icing on the cake: firmware upgradability.  This thing won't be obsolete in 6 months like so many other mods out there.

Oh, and you can charge this via USB - all while taking a vape!  The USB passthrough was such a great idea, since we're always by computers anyway!

Pairs wonderfully with the Eleaf Melo 2 Sub-Ohm tank (also sold on this site).  Makes for a really slick-looking rig that serves as a conversation piece while out and about.  

Get this mod - you won't regret it.  
| 12/16/2015 10:30 PM
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Love it
| 12/12/2015 6:26 PM
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Best mod atm
I really like this mod. It's nice and small, houses a single 18650, does ti, ni, and SS temp control with update. It also goes up to 75 watts with the 2.0 update. Easy to update, very sturdy build. Would buy again. It meets all my needs and then some. Not to sound like a fanboy, but damn this device is great.
| 12/7/2015 11:20 AM
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Great Mod
Coming from an ELeaf 60w this was a huge upgrade, and supports everything I've thrown at it cart wise.  Software up gradable is a huge plus as well!
| 12/6/2015 10:58 AM
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great value
Had about 2 weeks I love the size
| 11/25/2015 3:35 PM
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great single battery mod
This is one of my best mods very reasonable price and works very well
| 11/25/2015 11:53 AM
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Excellent Mod
Everything you want in a mod - Small, powerful, accurate, firmware is upgradeable.
| 11/23/2015 4:12 PM
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Super Mod
If you have been trying '' to find" your vape. This kit;  of the evic-VTC mini & mega tank can help you do just that. Fabulous I tell you fabulous.

I am going to upload a vides review on youtube @ robert thepoolmanvapes malone,, join me.
| 11/17/2015 8:21 PM
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Great product!
I love this model! I have a lot more control of how it smokes so I can have as hard or as soft as I want it.
| 11/17/2015 2:10 PM
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Update: Just received 3 more ! Love WOV !!!
I first reviewed this October, 16th. These things are just plain fantastic ! Small, extremely solid and work perfectly. They have a nice weight to them and will stand upright on table very well. So far I've only used wattage mode with nautilus tank 1.6 coil, subtank mini 1.2 &.5 coils and Triton 2 tank with 1.8 and .5 clapton coils . It ran all variations perfectly. I just received my last order with 3 more, 2 more for me and 1 a gift for my daughter. They all work as good as the first one. After reading the other reviews, I need to go online and get the updates. I have placed three orders with WOV in the last two months totaling around $600.00. I live in Ohio all three orders have came in 2-3 days all products I've checked have been authentic. WOV is one great company!
| 11/7/2015 3:44 PM
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Great mod for the price
FIrmware is upgradable and I just install the 2.0 update. increased wattage to 75watts.Thanks WOV !
| 11/6/2015 9:44 PM
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Best mod for the price point
This mod is exceptional. It's firmware is upgradable and I just install the 2.0 update. Now the screen layout is perfect and it increased the overall wattage to 75watts!!!

That's not all. This update allows you to do temp control not only on nickel(ni) and titanium (ti) but now you can temp Vape using stainless steel. (ss)

It's small but has a huge brightly lit screen that's even better than my Volcano LavaBox DNA 200. Its's built extremely well.  Updating with Windows or Mac is a breeze. Battery life is good but I recommend buying 3000mah brown batteries and keep an extra charged.

I give it the "best mod hands down for under $45.00 for the entire year"

Nothing even comes close to competing w it.
| 11/6/2015 10:08 AM
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Compact and powerful
I purchased two of these for my wife and I. I use it for my old school Aspire Nautilus, she uses hers for the Aspire Clearomizer. I have to say it's a really solid mod that'll last me a couple days of pretty heavy use, at least on a 1.8 coil. The resistance reading will read up to .2 ohms above the actual coil resistance, which isn't a big deal with higher resistance coils. It does read dead-on on all of our sub-ohm coils, exactly .3 ohms. We're using the Sony VTC4 batteries from WOV which last us both easily a day and a half to two days. The finish is flawless, I especially like the ghost style Joyetech brandings on the sides.

Bottom line, do yourself a favor & GET ONE!!!
| 10/25/2015 8:39 AM
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Great little mod!
Recently my iTaste MVP 2 I got from WOV gave up the ghost on me after almost TWO YEARS of daily use. So I came back here looking for a replacement. I was just looking for a reliable mod that will last me for hopefully another two years or so!

This thing is awesome. The metal finish feels great in the hand. The firing button has a great feel to it. With my sony vtc 4 battery (from WOV) it lasts over a day for me.

The screen is great. Easy to read and easy to navigate and adjust settings. I love stealth mode and the key lock mode. And I love that it shows my precise battery life. Also, this mod is much more compact than my MVP 2 was. All my friends who vape really like the look and feel of it as well.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the product. I love how WOV only sells products that they know are tried and true. It makes my job of finding reliable vape products much much easier! I will definitely be coming back!

| 10/19/2015 5:17 PM
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Exactly what I was looking for !
I currently have a kanger areotank, , nautilus tank, , nautilus mini and got a subtank mini when I ordered this evic vtc mini. I was looking for a small mod that would work with all my tanks and capable of 50-70 watts which was also able to throttle voltage bellow what's left in the battery when I want it to. I also wanted a mod that used a single 18650 battery. Most mods that use a single 18650 will not throttle voltage below what's left in the battery the evic vtc mini does. I love how it feels in my hand it. It seems to be very hi quality, has an excellent finish and functions perfectly in VW mode. I haven't tried TC or bypass modes yet. I'm going to order another one soon. WOV is flat out Excellent !!! This was my second order with them both over a hundred dollars both came in 2-3 days. All products have been authentic. I will always check with WOV first for all my hardware needs. Thanks WOV !
| 10/16/2015 10:12 PM
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