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The Joyetech Exceed D19 Starter Kit is one of the very best pen style vaporizers. The Joyetech Exceed D19 is an extremely versatile vaporizer capable of both mouth to lung (MTL) and direct lung (DL) vaping due to its 2 different coils specifically engineered for either style of vaping, and also due to its airflow design which can be adjusted to meet both MTL and DL vaping requirements. Moreover, the Aspire Exceed D19 battery can operate in either direct output or constant voltage mode, this further increases the versatility of this pen style starter kit. As far as starter kit is concerned - the Joyetech Exceed D19 strikes a wonderful balance - it is both very capable and versatile, but it also retains the simplicity of usage you expect from a starter kit with its one button interface and its very convenient top fill design.

As far as MTL vs DL vaping - this is really a matter of personal preferences - the Joyetech Exceed D19 Starter Kit comes with both the MTL and the DL coils - please try them both and see which style of vaping is best for you.

Some other important considerations; The Joyetech Exceed D19 Starter Kit features a 1500 mAh battery capacity and a 2 ml tank capacity (Keep in mind - the higher the resistance of coil - the longer the battery will last). The Exceed D19 is also very easy to refill by simply unscrewing the top cap.

Replacement coils for the Joyetech Exceed D19:

The Joyetech Exceed D19 comes in many colors:

  • Black
  • Black and White
  • Dark Orange
  • Silver
  • White

Joyetech Exceed D19 Package Contents:

  • 1 x Exceed D19 Battery
  • 1 x Exceed D19 Atomizer
  • 1 x Exceed EX coil at 0.5 Ω (DL)
  • 1 x Exceed EX coil at 1.2 Ω (MTL)
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 2 x user manuals
  • 1 x warranty card
  • 1 x warning card
  • Spare parts

Joyetech Exceed D19 Features:

  • Versatile pen style vaporizer
  • MTL and DL capable
  • Simple to operate (1 button interface)
  • Top fill design (makes it very easy to refill)
  • Dual circuit protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Overcharge protection

Joyetech Exceed D19 Specifications:

  • Size: 19 x 118 mm
  • eLiquid capacity: 2 ml
  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Construction: Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 73 g
  • Coil: NiCr
  • Output mode: direct output and constant voltage output (regulated)
  • Charging: micro USB port


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Video Reviews (2)

Joyetech Exceed D19 Kit +Giveaway & Dough Cream Liquid
By Vapor Trail Channel
Duration: 00:08:44
Published on: 10/12/2017
Vaping For Beginners! The Joyetech Exceed D19 Vape Starter Kit!
By RiP Trippers
Duration: 00:09:51
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Dry hit
It seems that after I charge this or have not hit it for a while it has a very bad taste. Like maybe a dry cotton. Has this happened to anyone else? I've never had any other device do this. The first time it happened I changed the coil but after some investigation the cotton wasn't burned like I thought. It just happened again so not sure why
| 2/6/2018 12:29 AM
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Joyetech Exceed D19 starter kit
Very easy to use. Great flavor for a pen style vape. My boyfriend took it over since there is no smoking in the house lol! It's the first one he has ever liked using, and he is a long time smoker 1-2 pk of reds a day. So, I say this a win for both of us! Btw I stopped smoking 3 yrs ago using vapes. I have used a lot of different kinds of vapes including monster cloud producing mods, and this one is one of my favorites.  
| 10/2/2018 4:12 PM
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Best I have used
This vape pen is awesome.
| 8/20/2018 1:22 PM
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Great step up.
Iwent from a small pen stlye tornado -c vaper to the exceed 19 and I'm very happy with it. I would honestly reccomend to anyone wanting to quit smokeing. I've been vaping for about 7 years after smoking for 25 and I've never regretted the change. The Vape Shop is a great place to get whatever you need to start vapeing. Good prices and fast delivery are their strong suit. If your even thinking of quiting smokeing just do it don't waste another day,you won't be sorry and you'll feel much better.
| 6/11/2018 10:11 AM
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Excelent Item
Great item very Fast shipping - Vapeshop is the best by far!
| 11/23/2017 6:53 AM
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Joyetech exceed D19
I love it
| 11/22/2017 1:40 PM
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The exceed is awesome
I'm in love with my new Exceed! The price is right and delivery was fast!
Straight from Colorado to the east cost in 2 days! ! !  Great vape site.
| 11/19/2017 4:23 PM
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great website
I like your new site VS. Great job - nice - clean and easy.  About the exceed - WOW - are you kidding me!
What an upgrade.
| 11/8/2017 2:57 PM
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Great kit
I already have my brother just quitting smoking since I gave one to him.
What else is there?  Fantastic little device.
| 11/6/2017 3:10 PM
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Great vape pen
This is the best vape pen I ever had - it vapes really well which of course is important.
It also tried the DL coil - works very well too - but I am a MTL vaper so I'll stick with that.
Airflow is fantastic - easy to control . Overall absolutely excellent. It is a small, compact device.
I highly recommend it.  VS is the best.
| 11/2/2017 8:52 PM
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Easy to use starter kit!
I love the joyetech exceed!  It is very easy to use and it works fantastic.
The . 5 ohm coils are not for me - I think it should have had 2 1. 2 ohm coils.
VapeShop has the best price on everything - does not matter what you want - if they have it that is where you should get it.
Great vape all around
| 10/25/2017 4:03 AM
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