WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Slap on your Stetson and feel like an American cowboy and get your fill of bold tobacco.

About Naked 100

Naked 100 E-Liquid is the world class and world famous line-up of delicious fruity blends that combine expertly blended flavor profiles with USA Vape Lab's cutting-edge manufacturing.


  • Glycerin (USP)
  • Propylene Glycol (USP)
  • VG/PG Ratio: 65/35
  • Nicotine
  • Flavors


  • All E-Liquid bottles use child-resistant safety cap
  • All bottles are 60ml
  • Product images are for illustration purposes only. Actual product packaging may vary at the sole discretion of the manufacturer

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This is probably obvious but just in case: We do not accept returns on E-Liquid!

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"Yasss" Finally a tobacco flavor that fits my taste buds!!
I have smoked since I was 13.  My flavor choice was Marlboro Red 100's.  I wanted to quite and was told using a vape would really help. My only issue I could not find a juice that I liked. I don't like all the sugar flavors they have.  I wanted to go back to the tobacco flavor.  After MANY other products this "Patriot" flavor is perfect for me.  Does is very very close to Marlboro.  I will only use this juice.  You just met your new loyal customer!!

I bought the
REBECCA L | 2/7/2020 1:54 AM
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American Patriot # 1
I've been vaping for about 10yrs, I've tried a lot of different e-liquids and e-cigs. This American Patriot is just awesome the best flavor I've experienced. Will be ordering again and again. If you want to give up the butts this is one you will want to go to.
Guest | 9/30/2019 11:01 AM
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American Patriot
After Massachusetts banned flavored juices, my local shop started carrying more tobacco flavors, I was a skeptic, but this juice has a lovely flavor and has become my all day vape. I’d definitely suggest giving it a try!
Guest | 4/30/2020 7:34 AM
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American Patriots
I've been vaping this flavor and brand exclusively for over a year in TC mode to get a realistic cigarette throat hit. Started vaping using some of the more fruity or candied flavors and just thought they tasted horrible. So as a former smoker I tried American Patriots. To me it doesn't taste exactly like cigarettes, but to me that's actually a good thing, and it is similar enough and not off-putting like the flavors I mentioned, but give it a try and find out for yourself.
James S | 4/22/2020 3:42 PM
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American Patriots
Great Tobacco flavor and at an extremely reasonable price.
Guest | 5/1/2020 9:42 AM
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Good Stuff
Like this vape juice great tobacco  taste!!
Guest | 4/16/2020 11:22 AM
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Very good
I was hesitant to try a tobacco flavored vape juice, but since our state has banned other flavors, someone suggested this to me. It’s mild and has a lovely aftertaste, I’ve been hooked since I found it!
Guest | 4/10/2020 9:32 AM
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Naked American Patriots
Great flavor and a good substitute for cigarettes.  Vape Shop gives you great prices, fast shipping and excellent service. I highly recommend them.
Guest | 3/30/2020 4:25 PM
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American Patriots
Just reordered. As somebody who quit cigarettes cold turkey when I switched to vapes, this flavor does a great job of replicated that classic flavor. I am a tobacco flavor only consumer, and I give this 5 stars. Also about to try the Cuban flavor and look forward to reviewing how that one goes.
Sebastian O | 2/10/2020 9:00 PM
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Naked American Patriot
I vape the .06. It is smooth on the throat, and tastes like tobacco. If you like clouds, this surprisingly has a copious amount of cloud.  I've been vaping since 2014. What is important to me is that it has only 4 ingredients and it's made in the USA. I'm particular about these points. The only drawback is the packaging. The bottle is so stiff, I have a hard time filling my pen. I will be a repeat user.
Guest | 2/10/2020 3:23 PM
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