WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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CubanBlend gets it perfect with this cigar tobacco flavor.

About Naked 100

Naked 100 E-Liquid is the world class and world famous line-up of delicious fruity blends that combine expertly blended flavor profiles with USA Vape Lab's cutting-edge manufacturing.


  • Glycerin (USP)
  • Propylene Glycol (USP)
  • VG/PG Ratio: 65/35
  • Nicotine
  • Flavors


  • All E-Liquid bottles use child-resistant safety cap
  • All bottles are 60ml
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This is probably obvious but just in case: We do not accept returns on E-Liquid!

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Cuban Blend
I have been vaping for about 7 yrs. I have tried a few different brands and and I didn't like most all. Cuban Blend has been my go to for the whole time. I find it very smooth and that's very important to me. I smoke only tabaccao blends and this is the absolute best.....
Guest | 1/27/2021 1:13 PM
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Only One Ever Smoked.
I have been vaping for over 5 yrs. I've tried other types and brands but nothing touches the smoothness of this product.I recommend this to all my friends. Thank you to Vape Shop for caring such a great product.
Donovan J | 1/6/2021 7:11 AM
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Yes. This is it
Ex smoker
I don’t like fruity or menthol or anything other than tobacco
I do like this aNd America Patriot by Naked
Guest | 8/3/2020 9:34 PM
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Very Nice
This is my go-to. It's sweet but not too sweet. I only like tobacco flavors, this one is always a good deal.
Guest | 6/11/2020 2:40 PM
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Tried many different flavors and brands, nothing compares. Nice smooth, even flavor. Not to sweet, which is what i was looking for when i found this one.
Guest | 3/7/2020 10:56 PM
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I won't ever change!
I Combine the Cuban Blend and Patriots together. The two together are perfect for me!
Guest | 5/4/2020 1:02 PM
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Great Flavor
I’m an ex smoker and this is the most satisfying flavor. The service from vape shop is excellent. When I had a question about my order, I received a prompt and accurate response. Good service and great prices too.
Guest | 5/3/2020 10:27 AM
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Best cigar flavor
Only kind I order. Always great flavor and throat hit
Guest | 1/31/2020 10:26 AM
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naked 100 Tobacco: Cuban Blend
This has a great taste. Excellent for someone looking for a tobacco flavor
Guest | 4/16/2020 9:32 AM
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Juice is all about flavor, so keep that in mind, my favorite may not be yours.  I've tried all sorts of flavors over the years, and finally I've settled on tobacco.  I don't like fruity type vapes or desserts or cereals, not even coffee although I've tried a lot of those.  This cuban blend is the best tobacco flavor for me I've ever tried, it was my new go to vape as soon as I tried it.  It has sort of a peppery finish on the back end, but it's not overly strong, just good and smooth.  Subtle.  Just enough of everything.  I highly recommend it!
Patrick M | 7/5/2018 9:55 AM
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