WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Product Selection

About our product selection

We carefully select each and every product we bring to the vaping community. We do not simply stack them up in our store, like others do, hoping some of them will stick. Instead, we select them carefully and only sell the one we would use ourselves.

We are constantly vetting new products, to expand our inventory, in order to bring you the latest and greatest products. If you would like to see us carry a specific product, please let us know by sending us an email at Info@VapeShop.com.

What we sell

The type of product we carry or will carry moving forward

Genuine products:

The vaping world is full of counterfeit products. Is it because it is a new industry? Or maybe because much of it is made in China? Either way, at VapeShop we clearly indicate the manufacturer and origin of all of our products.

Quality over quantity:

At VapeShop we favor quality over quantity. Our goal is not to have as many products as possible. But instead to only carry the high quality products we use ourselves. Our vetting process consist of using the product ourselves for a few days (sometimes weeks) to make sure the vaporizer produces a pleasant vape. We do not test the technical aspects of the product like the materials used, the cell chemistry or any other technical design choice made by the manufacturer. We are also very picky about the e-Liquid we use. We carefully vetted and selected our e-Liquid providers over an extended period of time.

US made eJuice:

At the end of the day, eJuice is the substance we inhale and we all want to know what it is exactly that we are putting in our body. The VapeShop team would personally never use any eJuice whose origin and quality is questionable.

At VapeShop we only sell US made eJuice of the highest standard of quality and safety control using only USP grade quality ingredients.

What we do not sell

The type of product we do not carry and probably will continue not to carry moving forward

The very low end and very high end products:

The world of vaping covers a wide range of vapers as well as a wide range of products.

From the simplest but poor performing disposable eCigarette to the very expensive - limited edition - high maintenance unregulated mods. We recognize there is a market for these products. However, we believe both of these extremes are riddled with negative aspects and are too difficult to use and unlikely to provide a long lasting and satisfying vaping experience. We simply will not sell any of these products. You can find them in other stores.

With regard to the mechanical mod products:

We never sold them because they were dangerous and poor performing. Instead we advised our members to use regulated devices which are safer and better able to provide a truly satisfying vaping experience. Time has proven us right, since today these mech mod have almost vanished entirely.

Fashionable Vaping Accessories:

Accessories like fancy mouth piece, carrying case, lanyard, etc... We believe these are better purchased in a B&M vape store - face to face - to truly appreciate their appearance.

Super high wattage device:

We will not follow the small underground trend of super high wattage device. These devices are not necessary and can also be dangerous - which in our opinion is a terrible combination. With the right device, there should not be a need/reason for anything above the 100 Watt mark. As a result we will limit our high wattage devices to only the highest quality and most reputable ones for safety reasons.

Community Input - Product Suggestions

Having said all this, we love to hear from you about some products you would like us to carry.

Whatever the case may be - the VapeShop community is a democracy and your voice will be heard. Please send us an email at Info@VapeShop.com

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