WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Suorin Air Plus Cartridge is the replacement cartridge (or pod) for the Suorin Air Plus (not compatible with the original Suorin Air). The Air Plus Pod has a 3.2 ml eLiquid capacity, it is refillable and provides an excellent MTL (mouth to lung) vaping experience.

If you are not familiar with the Suorin Air Plus - it is bigger version of the extremely popular Suorin Air.

The Suorin Air Plus Cartridge comes in two versions:

  • Suorin Air Plus Cartridge with a 0.7 Ω coil inside (preferred for regular eLiquid)
  • Suorin Air Plus Cartridge with a 1.0 Ω coil inside (preferred for Nic Salt eLiquid)

Suorin Air Cartridge Package Contents:

  • 1 x Suorin Air Plus Cartridge Sealed (0.7 or 1.0 Ω)


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Suorin Air Plus Review and Unboxing | OPEN POD SYSTEM for NicSalts and Regular E-liquid
By Cloud Theorem
Duration: 00:12:23
Published on: 7/5/2019
New Member - Suorin Air Plus is Coming
Duration: 00:01:12
Published on: 6/4/2019

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Your information on the carts are wrong. 0.7 is meant for nic salts and 1.0 is for free base juice
I saw that one of the reviews said that their nic salts tasted burnt. That's because they have they're coils switched up. Nic salts belong in the 0.7 carts, it says so in the pamphlet that came with my suorin.

***VapeShop.com response***

Hi. The Suorin air Plus instruction manual unfortunately is wrong. Here is the link to the Suorin website where is states the .7ohm coil is optimized for freebase liquid and the 1.0ohm coil is targeted for salt-base liquid.

Guest | 9/2/2019 12:18 PM
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I have been using the Suorin Air up until last week, when I got the Plus. As everyone else has said, the larger juice capacity is a plus and the lights on the side are such a nice feature. I have 3 regular Air devices and despite what the advertising says, when the light went red, most of the time, you were pretty much done, like 2 or 3 more hits. With the 5 LED lights on this one, you know where you are with the battery all the time, and also how much longer to a full charge. Battery life is great!

One thing I have noticed, is with both the .7 and the 1.0 pods, they both taste burnt if you don't let them sit for a few minutes between hits. That is very disappointing!
Guest | 9/10/2019 6:38 AM
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Great price.
Local vape shops charge twice as much if not more. Save your money and order here. Vapeshop.com is definitely safe to order from and I’ve had zero issues with them. Packages arrive in Florida from Colorado in about 3 days and are always in perfect condition. I recommend trying NKD100 salt Lava flow and Aqua salts Pure with your Suorin Air.
Scott C | 8/28/2019 3:40 PM
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I literately gave away my suorin air after buying the plus
The inhale on the plus is stronger, probably due to the bigger battery, my regular air useto leak every day, i also like the ability to use other juices if i want to with a different pod, bigger pod means less refills. At first i was like wow & had to get useto the draw. Took less then a day. Once i was use to it, the regular air couldn't compete. Size is a little taller but really is very well put together.  Price is great too.
Sagar J | 8/15/2019 6:06 PM
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It fully charges within 30 minutes, all the colours look great, and the vape shop has a killer price. If you’re thinking of buying this, don’t hesitate.
Julia B | 11/14/2019 12:36 PM
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Good price
Really good price compared to other shops out there
Julia B | 11/14/2019 12:35 PM
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Love my suorin air plus
1ohm cartridges are PERFECT for nic salts and are very well designed...I am a pretty heavy "vaper" coming off cigarettes and these cartridges last me no less than 7-9days and the capacity is perfect lasts me almost all day with a top off in the early evening..Best part you CANNOT BEAT Vapeshop price on these and shipping is fast and fairly priced...no need for me to spend double the price and drive to the vape shop anymore...I get all my jucies, Vapes and cartridges from Vapeshop now!!
Scott M | 11/14/2019 8:58 AM
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LOVE the Air Plus, Hate the 1 ohm carts
I have THREE Suorin drops.  These are PERFECT with Nic Salts, due to their 1.3 Ohm carts.

I have an Air PLUS.  LOVE the unit.  Big Battery, great capacity.  But Highest resistance CART is 1 Ohm.  And my Nic Salts taste burnt.

On a crusade to get Suorin to provide a 1.3 Ohm Cart, CLEAR, for the Air Plus.  Until then, my Air Plus is parked.  Using my Drops, with the CLEAR Carts from the VapeShop :).  I just ordered 10 more :).
Dean M | 8/10/2019 3:28 PM
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I think the 1.0 is a lot less harsh than the .7, I'm glad that I was able to find these online for a better price my local vape shop charges $6 a piece. Shipping was about 5 days which I think is pretty good and I went with the cheapest option. I would definitely recommend this company.
Guest | 11/9/2019 6:50 AM
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10/10, would recommend
To all users who are currently using the regular Suorin Air, this device is the solution to some of the things you are currently not liking about the product. This is an authentic product, and works like an absolute beast. The Plus has a more powerful battery, which delivers an immediate hit without the need to pre heat. Pair that with a long battery life, and you have yourself a device that will last you a while weekend. The pods are designed even more leak proof, with a bigger volume capacity. Another thing I noticed personally, is that the whick doesnt burn out nearly as fast as the regular Suorin Air does. If you are debating whether to buy your replacement Suorin Air to save a few bucks, please do yourself a favor and invest a couple more, you will not be disappointed.
Guest | 8/7/2019 10:51 AM
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