WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Full Description

The Suorin Air Starter Kit is the ultimate ultra compact - stealth - vaporizer, with a credit card like design, and manufactured by Foxconn (the maker of the iPhone), it is sleek and very modern looking.

The Suorin Air Starter Kit features an automatic on/off system, it starts as soon as you inhale. It has a 400 mAh rechargeable battery and a 2 ml tank capacity. The tank (aka cartridge/pod) is very easy to refill and has a 1.2 Ω coil inside. The cartridge can be refilled 5 times before they need to be replaced to get a brand new coil.

Replacement cartridge for the Suorin Air:

The Suorin Air comes in many colors:

  • Black
  • Golden
  • Gun Color
  • Rose Gold (Pink)
  • Silver

Suorin Air Package Contents:

  • 1 x Suorin Air battery
  • 1 x 2 ml cartridge with a 1.2 Ω coil (cartridge)
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x warning card

Suorin Air Features:

  • Ultra compact vaporizer
  • Automatic on/off when inhaling
  • Refillable magnetic cartridge
  • Super stealth mouth to lung (MTL) starter kit

Suorin Air Specifications:

  • Size: 8 x 43 x 86 mm
  • eLiquid capacity: 2 ml
  • Battery capacity: 400 mAh
  • Output Power: 16 W
  • Resistance: 1.2 Ω
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Charging: micro USB port

VapeShop Comment:

There has been some rumors about a Suorin Air V2 - our colleagues in Shenzhen checked with Suorin and that is not the case. The Suorin Air Starter Kit has only 1 version. The replacement cartridge has changed ever so slightly and will continue to change over time. Basically, any Suorin Air Cartridge, which are continuously being produced, always represents the latest thinking by Suorin's engineers. Thus far, mainly the air flow has been tweaked a little.


VapeShop only offers genuine products. Our members are increasingly reporting seeing clones in B&M stores and a few online sites. VapeShop strongly encourages manufacturers to use security authenticity code on all their products and we also encourage everyone to check it when available.

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good product
quit smoking on day one ten months ago,started with american patriot salt 55 soon droped to 35 now wife and i on 3 percent happy with performance and battery life i have had two bad cartridges only we really like vape shop pricing and fast delivery happy happy.Wild Bill
| 1/16/2019 2:00 AM
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on the fence
it's not working as good as the first one I bought
| 12/29/2018 10:46 AM
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An Actual Review?
This is a long one and not entirely a review of the product but I'd like to spread some good old information. If you want just my review of the product, skip to the last paragraph.

Looking back at these
Draw too tight? It's mouth-to-lung. Of course it's a tight draw. It's meant to mimic the feeling of inhaling a cigarette.

Not enough vapor? There is zero correlation between vapor production and satisfying your nicotine cravings. If you want more vapor, maybe go for a SUB-OHM vape.

Low battery capacity? Ahem. 400mah. It gets me through my day. I chain vape like a mad man and I only charge once a day. I do have another vape I use at home, but the Suorin is my all day at work.

Shipping too slow? Lol. Seriously? Base shipping services (free shipping, first class, ground, etc..) from USPS, FedEx, UPS all state anywhere from 3-7 days. If you want your item sooner, then pay for faster shipping. Rating the PRODUCT based on the amount of time it took for the product to get to you makes no sense...

All in all, don't take these negative reviews seriously. Not a single ACTUAL complaint about the product itself. It's people who probably just don't know what they're ordering, or people who don't read product descriptions, or they're just plain stupid. Such is life.

Anyway, I got my first Suorin a while ago. Just now getting around to reviewing it. It is a fantastic device. I use my 12mg nic juice in it and it vapes very smoothly. I am strictly an above-ohm vaper (mostly) and very much prefer to vape on higher nic juices. Most vapers know that vaping anything above 6mg nic on a sub-ohm vape is terribly harsh. Vaping above-ohm is very good for high nic juices. I enjoy having the Suorin Air because it's light and subtle. It's more than enough for my needs and I would recommend it to anyone who gets real cravings to smoke. Go for the higher nic juices to satisfy your cravings. You don't have to go up to 12mg but definitely above 6mg to start. For some people it's just about the motions and if that's the case, this device may not be for you. In the end, everyone is different and something that works for one person may not work for you. But you have my advice. Do with it what you will! I'm going to get my second Suorin Air, just because I want it in blue.

Cheers and sorry for the wall of text. I just get so frustrated with misinformation.

| 3/28/2018 10:47 PM
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Where are the black ones?

[VS comment]: The Suorin air is very popular - as a result they are hard to get in stock. Truly sorry. We are working very hard to get them as fast as possible.
| 12/11/2018 9:18 PM
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Sourin Air Cartridges
I have been using these since June 2018 when I quit smoking.  I use 3 mg nicotine in my juice.  This company has the best prices on devices and cartridges I have found.  I have 4 devices so I can fill and charge for the day.  The charge doesn't last long and when it gets low the vape quality deminishes. I buy cartridges by the box of 20. Best deal!!  I have found that there are several bad cartridges in each box and I am not sure how to get my money back for them.  It's frustrating to open a new cartridge, fill it, wait for 30 minutes and then get a burnt taste!
| 12/4/2018 11:31 AM
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Shipped fast and it hits great
| 11/28/2018 10:22 PM
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Love it
| 11/21/2018 10:32 PM
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bought agian
I have tried quite of few pod systems, and the suorin air is still the best one. I have reviewed it before here, I just wanted to say that vapeshop.com is a good site. Fast shipping good price and decent shipping cost.
| 11/6/2018 5:59 AM
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Suorin Cartridges
Love them.  Love Love the price!  Keep it up!
| 10/30/2018 12:47 PM
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Love this vape
My friend had one of these and it caught my eye. I decided to buy my own and try it out. I'm very glad I did! The size is awesome, fits discreetly in my palm when I'm using it, and in any pocket when I'm not. Absolutely no problem with leaks no matter where I have it. I love that it's no-fuss. I also have an ego One CT, which is great. But I like that this one has no buttons or coil changes or even twist-on tanks. Just pop it out, fill, click it back in. And no buttons! Just start puffing. The draw is nice for MTL. I use a titanium coil in my other vape, and this is definitley cooler than that. But it gives a nice draw and moderate cloud.
The battery life is good. I was worried because it is so small. But it lasts several hours when I take it out with me at night. It also charges very fast. I'm going to buy more cartridges so I can have different flavors ready to go when I want to switch. Very happy with my purchase!
| 10/25/2018 5:34 PM
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Suorin Air Starter Kit
Totally pleased with the product.Exactly what I  wanted plus a charging cord😁. Came sooner than expected as well.
| 9/28/2018 3:41 PM
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I am a beginning vapor and love this product. I am trying to quit smoking and when I want a cigarette, I take a few draws of my Suorin Air and skip a few cigs. I am so thankful to this company who has great packaging of the vapes and prompt shipping.
| 9/24/2018 3:53 PM
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Great Price, Fast Shipping
This is a great price! The lowest I have found for actual Suorin Air cartridges.
I love the Suorin Air! I stopped smoking the day I purchased it. I had smoked for 30+ years
and to be able to get the fulfillment of a cigarette with this product was what allowed
me to make the change. I am grateful to Suorin Air and grateful to vapeshop.com to allow
me to continue on this journey without breaking the bank!!
| 9/24/2018 1:25 PM
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GreAt product, great price and fast shipping! I will be buying again!!!!
| 8/10/2018 3:04 PM
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Perfect product, perfect price
Best price I was able to find on these bad boys and was the real product not a knockoff. Anyone who talks about them burning out too quickly, they aren’t priming the coil appropriately so ignore the noise and save some money by purchasing them from here.
| 8/9/2018 5:59 PM
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Excellent Price and Very Happy
So happy with my purchase.  Love this product since it is so very easy to use.  Great price and super fast shipping.
| 8/6/2018 1:02 PM
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Good Value
This site has the best price of anywhere I've seen, including the cheap flat-rate shipping cost.  My cartridges only last about 3 days, and I estimate I spend $10 weekly on vaping with the Sourin, which is OK.  I definitely hate that the cartridges barely last thru the initial fill-up and then start leaking into the pod, but I appreciate the discreet design and am happy to have switched from my 151watt mod which had laborious maintenance & cost more because I still had leaking problems (due to poor manufacturing of SMOK and UWELL coils).
| 8/6/2018 12:37 PM
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Great value
Pods work as intended for a better price than the local vape shop.
| 8/3/2018 1:39 PM
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Very happy
These are at a great price, and the cartridges last longer than they say if you take care of them.
| 8/2/2018 1:21 PM
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Excellent price
Store down the road wants 8 bucks a piece
| 7/24/2018 1:40 PM
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