WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Suorin Drop Cartridge is the replacement cartridge (or pod) for the Suorin Drop Starter Kit.

If you are not familiar with the Suorin Drop - please check it out. The Suorin Drop Starter Kit is the latest design from Suorin of its ultra compact - stealth - vaporizer, it is sleek and very modern looking.

The Suorin Drop Cartridge is basically a refillable 2 ml tank with a 1.3 Ω coil. It only comes in one color - black - and it comes in a sealed package.

Suorin Drop Cartridge Package Content:

  • 1 x Suorin Drop Cartridge Sealed with a 1.3 Ω coil inside


VapeShop only offers genuine products. Our members are increasingly reporting seeing clones in B&M stores and a few online sites. VapeShop strongly encourages manufacturers to use security authenticity code on all their products and we also encourage everyone to check it when available.

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A PBusardo Review - Some Show & Tell + The Suorin Drop
By pbusardo
Duration: 00:36:11
Published on: 11/30/2017

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Sorin Drop Cartridge
Every site that I've look on so far are sold out , munch easier Finding toilet paper
Guest | 11/19/2020 11:09 AM
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Not really a review more of a question
Do you know when you guys’ll get more cartridges in ??
Vapeshop Comment:  We are closing and no new stock will be received.
Malik G | 2/8/2021 10:16 AM
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Good Replacements
These are hard to find, especially at a decent price. They shipped quick and the process was smooth, I'll be back for more when I'm ready.
Guest | 1/18/2021 5:01 PM
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suorin Drop
Been using the Suorin Drop for almost a year now. Down to no nicotine. This is a very nice small unit. Very satisfied with it. Bought another just to have a back up. Great service from vape shop. Fast delivery. I was pleasantly surprised at the speed.
Guest | 1/18/2021 8:50 AM
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vape shop
My experience with this company is excellent and there prices can not be beet there products are just what they say they are and I for one will buy only from them when I need supplies for vaping
Jeffrey C | 1/6/2021 6:37 AM
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Good price/good product
Works well with 60/40 vp/pg
Other than that u have to wait to they get more in stock
Jessica G | 12/8/2020 5:30 PM
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Heck yeah
These are so much cheaper here, and work so well. Stores charge about 5 or 6 bucks,so you can't beat the price. I didnt even know they made clear ones until ordering from here. A+ in my book
Guest | 11/16/2020 3:04 AM
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Trick for Suorin Drop
I’ve been using a Suorin Drop for about 2 years (first to quit smoking; now I just like it). The first year, I had so many problems with bad “hitting.” Was so frustrated. Then I watched a YouTube video of pushing down on the cartridge with your index finger while inhaling (hitting). It was a miracle! Never, ever any missed hits! I love my Suorin Drop. It fits anywhere and, now, works great!
Rebecca H | 9/6/2020 1:32 PM
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Last batch was sub-par, but at least VapeShop is deeply discounted...
and I am not blaming VapeShop...been using the Drop for 8 months and cartridges seem to be hot or miss with more hits in general.   I have noticed in the past month that cartridges bought here or at local smoke shops have been a bit if-fy.  Smoke shops here (Austin) get $5 and change for a cartridge, so it sucks a lot worse when those cartridges are bunk.  But, at $2.95 each it is much easier to stomach when one is bad.
Robert C | 5/8/2019 3:51 AM
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Great website
Wasn't too sure about ordering from vape shop as I had never ordered from or heard of them. But I was pleasantly surprised, I ordered three sourin drop pods because they were on sale for about $2.95 (which is a great deal) and they arrived earlier than I expected in great condition. There was also two initials written on my shipping info so  I knew that two people physically checked my package. Good to know that there are good small websites out there and I have already ordered more from vape shop
VapeShop comment:
We appreciate the kind words and that you found us.  Yes, we are small but we pride ourselves on providing quality products and delivering a quality service.
Guest | 1/27/2020 10:15 AM
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