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These are the VapeOnly Aura Mini Luft Replacement Coils for the VapeOnly Aura Mini. These coils are part of what makes the VapeOnly Aura Mini so special by making the device leak proof and vaping like a champ. 
The VapeOnly Aura Mini Luft Replacement Coils are screwed to the air chamber which makes it extremely easy to refill by simply unscrewing the top of the atomizer which opens up the tank entirely. 
The VapeOnly Aura Mini Luft TAC Dual Coils generate a copious amount of vapor.
The VapeOnly Aura Mini is a very elegant starter kit with a revolutionary design that offers some unique features:
  • No Leaking
  • No Spitting (No Splash)
  • Extremely Easy Top Refill
  • Great Vapor (The coils are dual coils)
  • Simple Usage
  • Long Lasting Battery: 1450 mAh battery capcity
  • Air Flow control: Top of the tank has an air flow control ring
The VapeOnly Aura Mini Coils come in 3 resistances:
  • 0.33 ohm: for a constant 33W output
  • 0.5 ohm: 21 to 35W output
  • 1 ohm: good for mouth to lung inhale


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