WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Full Description

The VapeOnly Aura Mini is a very elegant starter kit with a revolutionary design that offers some unique features:

  • No Leaking
  • No Spitting (No Splash)
  • Extremely Easy Top Refill
  • Great Vapor (The coils are dual coils)
  • Simple Usage
  • Long Lasting Battery: 1450 mAh battery capacity
  • Air Flow control: Top of the tank has an air flow control ring

The VapeOnly Aura Mini has an innovative top air intake and top fill design to prevent any leaking, the air is guided down the air channel to the coils. The VapeOnly Aura Mini Coils are screwed to the air chamber which makes it extremely easy to refill by simply unscrewing the top of the atomizer which opens up the tank entirely. The VapeOnly Aura Mini Dual Coils generate a copious amount of vapor. The VapeOnly Aura Mini mouth piece design also prevents eLiquid popping into the mouth.

The VapeOnly Aura Mini come in 3 colors:

  • Stainless: Silver
  • Black
  • Gold

The VapeOnly Aura Mini Coils come in 3 resistances:

  • 0.33 ohm: for a constant 33W output
  • 0.5 ohm: 21 to 35W output
  • 1 ohm: good for mouth to lung inhale

VS Comments: We tested the VapeOnly Aura Mini for many weeks and are pretty excited about offering a vaporizer starter kit that cannot leak eLiquid. We think this is a great step forward for the vaping industry. We believe the VapeOnly Aura Mini features make it a perfect starter kit for beginner and more experienced vapers alike.


  • Weight: 83g
  • Dimension: length is 150mm and diameter is 16.8 mm
  • Pack of 5 temperature control atomizer heads (coil)
  • Uses TAC Dual Vertical Coils
  • Tank Capacity: 2ml
  • Air Flow control: turn clockwise to increase airflow and anti-clockwise to decrease airflow
  • Battery Capacity: 1450 mAh
  • Protections: 10 Seconds, short circuit, low resistance, open circuit, low voltage, overheat, battery overload.

VapeOnly Aura Mini

  • 1 x VapeOnly Aura Mini: Tank, Battery and anti spit back mouth piece
  • 1 x extra Stainless Steel regular mouth piece (total 2 mouth piece)
  • 2 x Aura Mini Coil (1 coil at 0.33 ohm and 1 coil at 0.5 ohm)
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • extra sealing rings

Usage Comments:

  • Unscrew the top air chamber from the tank.
  • Refill with e-Liquid to the top of the tank window (and no further)
  • Screw the top back on the tank.
  • Wait a couple of minutes for the e-Liquid to feed the coil before vaping again.


As you may know already, most vaping products are being copied nowadays, these "clones" have become a major issue for the industry and they can be found everywhere. We have tested many competing websites in the USA and many of them (especially California based vendors and pretty much all eBay vendors) are selling Kanger and Aspire clones without telling their customers - this gives them an unfair competing advantage and is deceitful to their customers. Thankfully Aspire, Kanger and others have put in place a security authenticity code on their products to prevent counterfeiting. VapeShop strongly support this initiative and we hope that all manufacturers will implement a similar mechanism moving forward. VapeShop customers can be assured that if we ever sell a clone product it will be clearly labelled as such in the product name and its description.

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I'm impressed!
Very happy with this purchase. I own several pen/ tube style devices and like them all. I seem to try every new one that comes out, as long as the price it right (and the price on this can't be beat). I prefer this compact style over the box mods. I'm a former smoker, not a cloud chaser, but that being said, this thing produces great clouds for such a small device. It's very simple to use too. It took a little while to get the sweet spot for the airflow, but that wasn't a big deal. I love the champagne color and the look of this. Don't let the price fool you, it's a great little kit, for a beginner or someone who's been vaping awhile and would like something compact.  Very pleased with Vapeshop.com also. They ship superfast. I will be ordering again. Thank you Vapeshop.com.
lee j | 5/2/2016 1:01 PM
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Cannot go wrong with that $$$$
Hey for this price even if it lasts 3 months it is a steal! I love mine. read a few bad reviews but have never had an issue
Traci M | 4/26/2016 3:04 PM
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Gift from a friend
I got this vaporizer as a gift from a friend -

Never heard of it before - was not sure what to expect.

It looks terrific - so that was a good start.
But it vapes even better. Quite amazing little vaporizer.

So far it has been great - I have used for over 2 weeks.

Josh R | 3/9/2016 7:23 PM
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Really love this unit
So far it has been great for me.

It is nice and discreet - it vapes very well as well.

Classy looking device.

Matt B | 3/9/2016 7:21 PM
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very good
This is a very good product.  It is much lighter than the aspire battery and I'm trying to get usd to that.  I vape alot, a real alot, during the day.  The aspire will last me fom 6 to 8 hrs before I have to recharge.  So far this battery has lasted me 14 hrs before I have to recharge.  The only thing that has been a problem for me is controlling the vape.  Yes, it is easy to  use the control ring;however, the draw is so powerful and so easy, I am  tying to adjust it lower and lower.  Once Isee how long thebattery life is I will readjust my rating to perfect in every way.
Randy V | 2/5/2016 11:05 AM
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