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VapeShop.com new site!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Today is an important day for VapeShop.com. A day we have been working towards for just about one year now. 

Following our announcement a few months ago about some major changes coming for our community. Today saw the first phase of this plan being delivered...

Last night we released our new web site, as expected it has been a bit hectic and we would like to apologise to all our members for any disruption you may have encountered. The roll out actually happened better than expected outside of one nasty bug which prevented a few of our members from saving their billing address when checking out. Not the kind of bug you want to have, believe me...

I would like to send a special Shot-Out to Ben, who is the epitome of our great community, thanks to him reaching out about this issue - we were able to fix it within a few minutes. Thanks a lot to you Ben, I hope you'll enjoy the gift being sent to you with your lastest order.

Why a new website you might ask?... for many reasons, mainly centered around giving us the ability to adapt to any future requirements that may arise as well as giving us a greater ability to better serve you, our members.

We built this new platform with plenty of great features which we intend to leverage over time. 

For instance, the ability to support international shipping while preserving our streamlined operations. Now that the site is finally done we will be able to start making great stride towards that International goal.

The new platform also comes with great capabilities in the realm of social media and community building, such as forums, etc... 

You should find it even easier than before to communicate with us regarding your orders by using the new order messaging feature which now supports picture attachment as well :)

Of course the new platform now fully supports mobile devices or any kind of touch screen display.

As always with such an endeavour, the new site is never perfect and we do intend on making steady improvements and refinements over the coming weeks and months. Especially to iron out any remaining quirks. 

Now that phase 1 is well under way, we will soon focus our attention towards the next step for VapeShop.com, stay tuned...

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The VapeShop team

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