WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Our review: 

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil was an interesting coil. Nevertheless, we have decided to discontinue the product due to lack of popularity.

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil is a true ceramic coil which provides some amazing benefits compared to regular coils, among them the Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil is much more resistant to dry hit and burning. The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil could be the best coil on the market currently.

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil is compatible with the Aspire Triton family of Atomizer (Atlantis, Triton 1 & Triton 2) as well as the Eleaf Melo (1 & 2).

The design of this coil is a true revolution, it incorporates a ceramic layer surrounding the coil wire. This ceramic layer not only offers a fantastic vaping experience but it also protects the coil against accidental burning. The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil is very resilient and last quite a bit longer than a traditional coil.

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil comes in 2 resistances:

  • 0.2 ohm: Ni200 wire (for TC devices only)
  • 0.9 ohm: Kanthal wire

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil features:

  • No spitting
  • No dry hit
  • Self cleaning
  • Delivers the original clean and pure flavor of the eJuice
  • Longer life cycle (almost twice as long as a regular coil)

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil content:

  • 5 x Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coils (Ni200 @ 0.2 ohm or Kanthal @ 0.9 ohm)

VapeShop Comments:

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil has been fantastic so far during our testing phase. It has been so good that we think it could make TC device unnecessary, indeed TC is mainly used to reduce dry hit and coil burning, not so much to keep the temperature constant while vaping. The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil ceramic structure has proven quite efficient at preventing dry hits and burning during our testing, as a result, Ceramic coils could end up being the best way to provide these great features without having to deal with all the headaches of temperature control coils and devices. Something to keep an eye on for sure...


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Target 75w TC w/ceramic vertical coils | GAME CHANGER?
By Heathen
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Published on: 11/18/2015

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Too bad great coil
I love this coil and am dissappointed you've discontinued it. I've tried other coils and always come back to these. So sad
Guest | 12/4/2019 7:46 PM
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Best coil on the market!
Triton claptons were pretty good, but these cCell coils are the next level. Great flavor, great Vape. Sorry to see that they are no longer carried here. IMO, there is not a better prebuilt coil/head on the market.
Jamal S | 7/8/2016 1:25 PM
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not bad
Im using these in my Aspire Triron 2 V2 on an Eleaf Istick TC100W. The first day the coils are magnificent! However on the second day, the flavor was more muted although vapor production was still very good. I am a flavor junkie so I was disappointed in this. I wasnt paying attention one time and inhaled with too little juice in my tank and the burnt taste was nauseating. This was my fault and not the fault of the coil, but I thought a warning to keep a close eye on your juice level was in order. I would buy these again.
Suzanne M | 4/28/2016 11:25 AM
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Best flavor
The c cell coils are the best for flavor chasers in my opinion. I prefer the kanthal but my girlfriend likes to use temperature control so we always have some of the nickel coils as well. Not quite as much airflow as others (Triton clapton) but enough for me. Just remember to prime them well and I try to leave them sit in the tank for about 15 minutes just to make sure. Not dry/burnt hits for the most part, if you do get a bad tasting git just turn down the temperature (nickel) or watts (kanthal) and the burnt taste will go away. Definitely would recommend anyone to at least try, they are about the same price as other coils.
michael g | 4/18/2016 12:43 PM
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Yes, it true...there will be some time "breaking" this coil in. The next day you vape on this coil after installation, WOW! No spits, warm vape and great flavor. You can even put this coil in the OG of vape tanks and dust off your Atlantis and you will be pleasantly suprised. In my opinion, you can make any modifications to the tank you want, but what it comes down to is the heart of every tank. That would be the coil. This coil rocks! I have the TC version on my Wismec Reuleaux RX200 and use my Atlantis and Triton v1. Seriously, it gives my UWELL Crown tank a run for it's money. Speaking of money, you will not find this coil anywhere cheaper.
Sammy P | 4/13/2016 10:26 AM
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Cheech And Chong Clouds
These are the best! Last a month with no flavor loss. No spitting, no fuss. Just call me Cheech and Chong baby!
Kyle B | 4/9/2016 9:19 AM
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vaporesso Ccell coils
Best and most pleasing coil i have used to date!
Dawn D | 4/2/2016 1:53 PM
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Changed my vape experience!
I thought i was pretty happy with my Clapton and tfv4. I thought i was doing okay with the apex. I gave  this coil a try and it was amazing vape. I don't have extended priming times but i do things differently. I drip down the center and once back  in the tank i take one puff without firing, then let it sit 5 mins. After doing this i take several more puffs with the afc closed and then start firing. I know they say 25w..but i usually only take them up to 17w over a little bit of time. I dont know if it's my juice or just preference but i am never at 25w or higher. My coils so far are lasting a month plus. I do clean them if they are dark, but i have not had the taste become mute at all. They are still going strong and the best coils in terms of taste for me. I stuck these in my Atlantis tank that i never liked and now i love the tank!
terry c | 4/1/2016 8:39 PM
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Longest lasting and best flaver producing coils I've used
These are some of the best coils I have used to date.  They rival the flavor produced from dripping and changing juice leaves no residual flavor after only a few inhales.  Standard coils seem to last me around a day or slightly more while these last 5 to 7 days (well worth the additional cost per coil as I save in the long run).
Something it took me a little to learn but has made a vast difference using these ... I would recommend for these coils to PRIME THEM well!  Remember that these are ceramic, not cotton. All my opinion from personal experience, but, you need to drip in the intake holes (diamond shaped holes on the sides of these coils) and soak the center hole cotton BEFORE you try to use them.  You should also slowly (over about 30 puffs) increase the wattage from a minimal level to your desired level (I go from 10 watts to 32 watts in 10 watt increments over about a half hour with more puffs for each wattage increase on the 0.9 ohm coils). Once you hit the wattage you prefer, be ready to drip directly down onto the coil a few times as well to maintain the saturation that seems necessary to run these properly. If you don't, you run the risk of burning the juice and the coil will never reach its potential (always giving you a burnt/extremely bitter taste).  It takes an extra few minutes, but it is well worth it!
timothy W | 3/23/2016 11:02 AM
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Pretty good -- but nothing to write home about...
I use this with my Aspire Triton. Takes 1-2 tanks to break in, usually, and can be a little finicky getting there; but once it does it's one heck of a performer. Tons of clouds, with relatively low wattage (I fluctuate between 18 and 25 at a dripping nic. level).

Honestly though, if you're looking for flavor, it's not as good as the Clapton coils -- but still REALLY good. I should note that they do seem to struggle staying saturated with higher VG liquids. Maybe it's because it's a different set up (?) ...but I can't see why that would matter.  

I'd give this 3 stars if it wasn't for the fact that a single coil has lasted up to almost a month for me -- that's just me though. Albeit, I don't vape as often as most people I know (i.e. under 3ml a day). That being said -- I can definitely see how this could be someone's favorite coil, that's for sure.

-  Budget Vaping
-  ≥ 60% VG preference
-  Lower wattage devices
-  Flavor Chasers [with the above in mind]

P.S. These are also supposed to be compatible with the Melo 2
Ronald H | 3/15/2016 5:27 PM
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