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The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil was an interesting coil. Nevertheless, we have decided to discontinue the product due to lack of popularity.

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil is a true ceramic coil which provides some amazing benefits compared to regular coils, among them the Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil is much more resistant to dry hit and burning. The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil could be the best coil on the market currently.

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil is compatible with the Aspire Triton family of Atomizer (Atlantis, Triton 1 & Triton 2) as well as the Eleaf Melo (1 & 2).

The design of this coil is a true revolution, it incorporates a ceramic layer surrounding the coil wire. This ceramic layer not only offers a fantastic vaping experience but it also protects the coil against accidental burning. The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil is very resilient and last quite a bit longer than a traditional coil.

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil comes in 2 resistances:

  • 0.2 ohm: Ni200 wire (for TC devices only)
  • 0.9 ohm: Kanthal wire

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil features:

  • No spitting
  • No dry hit
  • Self cleaning
  • Delivers the original clean and pure flavor of the eJuice
  • Longer life cycle (almost twice as long as a regular coil)

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil content:

  • 5 x Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coils (Ni200 @ 0.2 ohm or Kanthal @ 0.9 ohm)

VapeShop Comments:

The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil has been fantastic so far during our testing phase. It has been so good that we think it could make TC device unnecessary, indeed TC is mainly used to reduce dry hit and coil burning, not so much to keep the temperature constant while vaping. The Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coil ceramic structure has proven quite efficient at preventing dry hits and burning during our testing, as a result, Ceramic coils could end up being the best way to provide these great features without having to deal with all the headaches of temperature control coils and devices. Something to keep an eye on for sure...


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Target 75w TC w/ceramic vertical coils | GAME CHANGER?
By Heathen
Duration: 00:08:19
Published on: 11/18/2015

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Best coil on the market!
Triton claptons were pretty good, but these cCell coils are the next level. Great flavor, great Vape. Sorry to see that they are no longer carried here. IMO, there is not a better prebuilt coil/head on the market.
| 7/8/2016 7:25 PM
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not bad
Im using these in my Aspire Triron 2 V2 on an Eleaf Istick TC100W. The first day the coils are magnificent! However on the second day, the flavor was more muted although vapor production was still very good. I am a flavor junkie so I was disappointed in this. I wasnt paying attention one time and inhaled with too little juice in my tank and the burnt taste was nauseating. This was my fault and not the fault of the coil, but I thought a warning to keep a close eye on your juice level was in order. I would buy these again.
| 4/28/2016 5:25 PM
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Best flavor
The c cell coils are the best for flavor chasers in my opinion. I prefer the kanthal but my girlfriend likes to use temperature control so we always have some of the nickel coils as well. Not quite as much airflow as others (Triton clapton) but enough for me. Just remember to prime them well and I try to leave them sit in the tank for about 15 minutes just to make sure. Not dry/burnt hits for the most part, if you do get a bad tasting git just turn down the temperature (nickel) or watts (kanthal) and the burnt taste will go away. Definitely would recommend anyone to at least try, they are about the same price as other coils.
| 4/18/2016 6:43 PM
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Yes, it true...there will be some time "breaking" this coil in. The next day you vape on this coil after installation, WOW! No spits, warm vape and great flavor. You can even put this coil in the OG of vape tanks and dust off your Atlantis and you will be pleasantly suprised. In my opinion, you can make any modifications to the tank you want, but what it comes down to is the heart of every tank. That would be the coil. This coil rocks! I have the TC version on my Wismec Reuleaux RX200 and use my Atlantis and Triton v1. Seriously, it gives my UWELL Crown tank a run for it's money. Speaking of money, you will not find this coil anywhere cheaper.
| 4/13/2016 4:26 PM
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Cheech And Chong Clouds
These are the best! Last a month with no flavor loss. No spitting, no fuss. Just call me Cheech and Chong baby!
| 4/9/2016 3:19 PM
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vaporesso Ccell coils
Best and most pleasing coil i have used to date!
| 4/2/2016 7:53 PM
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Changed my vape experience!
I thought i was pretty happy with my Clapton and tfv4. I thought i was doing okay with the apex. I gave  this coil a try and it was amazing vape. I don't have extended priming times but i do things differently. I drip down the center and once back  in the tank i take one puff without firing, then let it sit 5 mins. After doing this i take several more puffs with the afc closed and then start firing. I know they say 25w..but i usually only take them up to 17w over a little bit of time. I dont know if it's my juice or just preference but i am never at 25w or higher. My coils so far are lasting a month plus. I do clean them if they are dark, but i have not had the taste become mute at all. They are still going strong and the best coils in terms of taste for me. I stuck these in my Atlantis tank that i never liked and now i love the tank!
| 4/2/2016 2:39 AM
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Longest lasting and best flaver producing coils I've used
These are some of the best coils I have used to date.  They rival the flavor produced from dripping and changing juice leaves no residual flavor after only a few inhales.  Standard coils seem to last me around a day or slightly more while these last 5 to 7 days (well worth the additional cost per coil as I save in the long run).
Something it took me a little to learn but has made a vast difference using these ... I would recommend for these coils to PRIME THEM well!  Remember that these are ceramic, not cotton. All my opinion from personal experience, but, you need to drip in the intake holes (diamond shaped holes on the sides of these coils) and soak the center hole cotton BEFORE you try to use them.  You should also slowly (over about 30 puffs) increase the wattage from a minimal level to your desired level (I go from 10 watts to 32 watts in 10 watt increments over about a half hour with more puffs for each wattage increase on the 0.9 ohm coils). Once you hit the wattage you prefer, be ready to drip directly down onto the coil a few times as well to maintain the saturation that seems necessary to run these properly. If you don't, you run the risk of burning the juice and the coil will never reach its potential (always giving you a burnt/extremely bitter taste).  It takes an extra few minutes, but it is well worth it!
| 3/23/2016 5:02 PM
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Pretty good -- but nothing to write home about...
I use this with my Aspire Triton. Takes 1-2 tanks to break in, usually, and can be a little finicky getting there; but once it does it's one heck of a performer. Tons of clouds, with relatively low wattage (I fluctuate between 18 and 25 at a dripping nic. level).

Honestly though, if you're looking for flavor, it's not as good as the Clapton coils -- but still REALLY good. I should note that they do seem to struggle staying saturated with higher VG liquids. Maybe it's because it's a different set up (?) ...but I can't see why that would matter.  

I'd give this 3 stars if it wasn't for the fact that a single coil has lasted up to almost a month for me -- that's just me though. Albeit, I don't vape as often as most people I know (i.e. under 3ml a day). That being said -- I can definitely see how this could be someone's favorite coil, that's for sure.

-  Budget Vaping
-  ≥ 60% VG preference
-  Lower wattage devices
-  Flavor Chasers [with the above in mind]

P.S. These are also supposed to be compatible with the Melo 2
| 3/15/2016 11:27 PM
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Incredible Ceramic Coils!
I'm new to ceramic coils, but the flavor is exceptional.  I bought the .9 ohms, and haven't yet had a chance to go to lower ohm coils.  It takes a while to allow them to prime properly, though the flavor is clean and exceptional even on max vg.  The vaporesso kit I have ranks up there, and the tank is very good, too.  
| 3/15/2016 7:38 PM
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decent coils,but aspire triton coils are better
I tried these coils out since they where around the same price as the triton coils. Theses coils require much more priming time than normal coils. The coils are not good at all for any juice higher than 40% VG. These coils are supposed to last longer than standard coils, but from my experience they last around the same amount of time. The only thing I noticed is when these coils are burnt out they don't have an intense burnt cotton taste, just a hint of burnt cotton taste. This is possibly because they don't have as much cotton in them as a standard coil, but still have a small amount of cotton for wicking/ filtering purposes.
| 3/14/2016 5:52 PM
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Future of coils is here
I purchased a pack of the ceramic .9 ohm coils based on a advice from a local shop as my Aspire Clapton coils had been giving me a lot of issues and wanted to see if there was a hardware issue. The hardware issue was the coil. The Clapton coils are great...they are however inconsistent. In an attempt to not knock the Clapton coils...there could be variables such as the juice used...the priming method and even the wattage. However I use 3 different juices regularly...prime them with extreme care and I keep my mod on the low end of the rated wattage which is around 37.5 - 40w (coil rated for 40-45w). So with that being said....something needed to change as all I was doing was burning through coils because of inconsistent flavor, spit back (the worst) and short lifespans. I was about to switch back to the stainless steel .4ohm coils when I found out about these ceramic coils.

I was warned that the priming process was longer...the draw was more constricted and that with the coil being .9ohm...there would not be the same cloud production. However...I was told the flavor would be better and the coils would last longer with the ability to also rinse the coils with cold water and get even more life out of them. Up to a month in some cases. The pros outweighed the cons. I tossed one of the ceramic coils in and just dropped some juice on the top exposed area of the coils prior to screwing it in. Waited about 5 minutes and took a hit on the low end of the rated wattage which was 25w. Pretty bad burnt taste right off the bat. Waited a few more minutes and took another hit and the burnt taste was gone but still there was a bit of that new coil taste. Waited another 5 minutes and took another hit and everything was balanced out. About 15 minutes total on the lowest rated wattage of 25w and the priming process was complete. I took the wattage up to the highest rated wattage of 30w and took a hit and was quite pleased. I'm not necessarily a cloud chaser but I will say the tighter draw took some getting used to...it is not drastic but definitely noticeable. I wasnt blown away with the coil until some time passed by. A few hours in and there was definitely a noticeable improvement in taste compared to the cotton wicking coils (Clapton and Stainless Steel) and there was no spit back which was a huge relief. As time went by the flavor increased and by the next morning when I took a hit...I was sold. The vapor production is above average so I wouldn't even consider it a con of any sort...also the tighter draw is something I quickly adapted to and really didn't even notice a difference after some time. The flavor production is undeniably superior to any of the cotton wicking coils. Nice smooth vape on the inhale and also incredibly smooth and flavorful on the exhale. You really get a sense of the juice flavor profile on the exhale as there is a richness to the vape that I never experienced before. The longevity is still up in the air as I haven't had the coils long enough to testify but if they last 2-3 weeks...that's just fine by me...a month or longer and I would be beyond stoked. I definitely recommend these ceramic .9 coils and feel this is definitely the future of vaping!

Mod: eVic VT mini 75w
Tank: Triton V1 w/ Ronin stainless steel mod
Coil: Vaproresso Ceramic Ecell coil - .9ohm

[VapeShop comments]: excellent review Sam. Very well done indeed. Our vaping community thank you for it.
| 3/11/2016 3:53 PM
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My favorite coil
This coil has been working great for me.

It vapes very well but also lasts a very long time. Almost forever it seems.

The only down side is the amount of time I need to prime it when using a new coil for the first time.

I prime it well with a few drops of juice - but even with that - I still need to wait an hour before the vape really becomes dense and flavorful.
But once the coil is ready - it is fantastic. I can use these coils for at least twice as long as I use a regular cotton coil.

| 3/10/2016 2:27 AM
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Lots of hype
So, after getting these coils, I was happy finally coils that might make a difference from having to deal with the worry of priming cotton or burning. Those are true didnt have to really do much priming. For me it was change out coil let sit for about 5min, take a few low watt hits and off we go. My issue with these coils is I am getting atomizer short all the time. After talking to some local vaposhops they to have noticed this error issue. Seems that theres an issue with the wire shorting out on the ceramic. This is why I give it a 2 Stars is when it works, which for me was 30%- 50% of the time they are great, however I shouldnt have to worry that when I take a puff that the coil isnt gonna hit.
| 3/9/2016 9:17 PM
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now THESE coils . . .
are amazing!!!  After reading the comments below, I still like this coil a lot!  yes, the first hit is going to taste bad if you can't really soak it and there's only one place to try and prime it and I wasn't comfortable putting any more juice than had.  After the first bad hit, I tried again in a few minutes and all was well from then on

[VapeShop Comment]: Our experience with these coils is very positive but they take a long time to be primed at first. Sometimes a couple of hours...
But once ready - they vape very well and last longer than traditional coils.
| 3/2/2016 3:12 PM
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Good when they're good
The cotton used for pre-wicking the ceramic makes these coils finicky. It seems very possible to burn the cotton, which results in inferior wicking. As reviewers have noted, they do "bounce back" from abuse and the ceramic will eventually absorb enough juice to be quite good again. It is difficult to prime the cotton pre-wicking material and it seems to be inconsistent how long you need to let them prime from coil to coil.

My general observations:

You have about a 1 in 5 chance of ruining the pre-wicking capability of a coil right out of the gate. If this happens, you can dump your juice (which will taste burnt if you don't) and let the coil soak. The ceramic will eventually wick even with the cotton damaged as long as you absolutely don't apply heat once the cotton is damaged and allow for longer wicking. This coil now has a life expectancy of a normal coil, probably about a week for a heavy vaper, but you're going to need to be gentle and you may need to allow serious wicking time. If your ceramic gets damaged, the coil is shot. Note when I say this is 1 in 5, that means 20% chance each time. You could get a pack full of duds or no bad experiences in a pack but over time, about 1 in 5 of these seems to be fragile and provide a lousy experience with average handling.

You have about a 3 in 5 chance of a decent vape with a slightly above normal coil lifespan if you're a heavy vaper. Flavor is good. Airflow WILL be tight so the result is closer to the throat hit of a pen style unit. You will get the hit of a pen when you use this on a box mod (far less open than a typical box mod), cleaner flavor transmission than a standard Triton coil (although this may mean your flavor preferences will be different), and moderately good lifespan. If you normally go 5-7 days on a cotton coil, expect 8-12.

You have about a 1 in 5 chance of an amazing vape with a lifespan of 3 weeks or more.

If you expect every coil to last a month or want no duds, you will be disappointed. If you can accept an average of around 1 dud experience per pack (could be more or less) and LIKE restricted airflow, the experience is as good as a standard coil, lifespan is a bit better, and has a small chance to be much better.

I used the 0.9 ohm coils with a Melo 2. The one other comment I would have is that these are a tight fit in non Vaporesso Triton-style tanks and, over time, can become loose. You may need to re-tighten the coil.

As long as these are the same price or less than standard coils and you're willing to take a gamble (you may end up with a pack full of finicky coils or a pack full of coils that last a month), I'd actually recommend these, particularly if you like throat hit. If you get two packs, you'll be less affected by a short run of bad luck (with a 1 in 5 chance of a single bad priming experience, that's still a sizable risk of multiple badly primed coils) and there's a good chance at a longer lifespan ON AVERAGE. I think the finicky and difficult to prime cotton pre-wicking is what makes these a dice roll but, even so, it's a dice roll you should come out ahead on, on average over many coils.
| 2/28/2016 3:39 AM
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Not super impressed
Not enough airflow due to restrictive coil diameter. Flavor was just OK but nothing to write home about. Seems to taint the flavor just a bit. Like I said- NOT super impressed. Who cares about longevity if you're arent enjoying it on the way?
| 2/22/2016 1:20 PM
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Vaporesso Ceramic cCell Coils Ni200
Mixed results really First the not so good.

After finding out it does indeed have holes. Worked fairly well in a Melo both 1 and 2 versions. Not so well in the Triton 1 even in a 200 watt TC mod even set to 600 degrees. .. I am not sure why, it just didn't seem to draw it and aerate. I tried it  with 80VG/-20  PG Hawk Sauce and70/30   Njoy Dragonscape I believe it is more a matter of holes not lining up. With the Melos it was not an issue. Maybe the newer version or Atlantis it would be different.  

The Good! Even after over a week of heavy vaping going cross country in my son's 18 wheeler. None failed. Not getting funky, plugging up, and changing juices is as simple as removing the coil from the tank and burning the coil clean. No weird taste. Very good choice if you like to change flavors or coil clogging juices. All and all it is a very good product and perhaps the next big thing and standard. and we will have more styles and selection.  WOV of course has great and timely service and excellent  prices.

I plan to purchase the 0.9 ohm: Kanthal wire out of this retirement check and may review them a second time if there is a big difference. I am having 2  very extensive eye surgeries and they rather I not be gallivanting all over for at least 6 months in case my body don't like my bionic eyes. It is a bit embarrassing to leer at a pretty girl just to be told it was a dude.
| 2/20/2016 9:23 PM
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These coils are great!!!! I've got the .9 ohm in my triton 2 tank and they really do transfer flavor wonderfully and produce amazing vapor. I'm getting about 6 days out of one before they go burnt tasting, and that's pretty good. I have my tank atop an innoken coolfire 4 and right at 19.5 watts, these coils are nearly too intense for me...lol. they also transfer between flavors perfectly...quite stunning really. I love them! I will certainly buy them again!
| 1/29/2016 7:47 PM
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